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CWI Man Panel

02 Oct 2013

written by Cindy Matalucci

Connected women of Influence in San Diego hosted their first Man Panel! The topic: What Women do That Sabotages their success in Business: From the Male Perspective. The Pulse was on hand to interview the speakers and some of the ladies in attendance. The panelists were: Joe Bonin, President of ECP commercial, Mike Giorgione, Leader/Rear Admiral United States Navy (Ret) Leading Leaders, David Oates, President of Stalwart Communications, Sean Puckett, First Vice President of Regents Bank, and Larry Sukay, Risk Management Strategist/Commercial Broker for G.S. Levine Insurance Services.

The women in attendance were sitting on the edge of their seats while the men discussed this heated topic. This is one video you need to watch!

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