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Adrenalina Skate Board Shop

18 Jun 2014

written by Cindy Matalucci

ADRENALINA SkateBoard Shop from The Pulse on Vimeo.

Adrenalina Skate Board Shop
5726 La Jolla Blvd #105
La Jolla, Ca 92037

The Pulse creates a custom commercial for Adrenalina Skateboard Shop in Bird Rock! These guys rule!

Welcome to the Adrenalina Longboard Shop located in the heart of Bird Rock. We specialize in longboard skateboard gear, accessories, apparell and shoes. We provide you with everything you need to make your skateboard seshion epic, whether you enjoy freeriding, downhill, pushing, pumping, carving, lonboarding, cruising, skateparks, bowls or pools. Carrying the top leading skateboard brands and the latest skateboard products available.

If you are from out of town, we have skateboards for rent.

If you have an old skateboard, bring it into the shop and we’ll help you refurbish it so you can skate it again.

We are the creators of the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon, a 26.2 mile race on skateboards set to promote health, fitness, action sports and the lifestyle that is skateboarding. The Skateboard marathon attracts top longboard skateboarders from all over the world to San Diego. Sponsored by biggest skateboard brands that set up booths by the start and finish area with products, music, food and losts of fun available for everyone of all ages. Go to to look up when the next race will take place.

At the Adrenalina Longboard Shop we offer lessons for kids or anyone trying to get started into skateboarding.
This is a shop for you to hang out, have fun, make new friends and skateboard everyday.
Thanks for checking us out.



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