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Cindy’s Foundation picks

30 Jul 2014

written by Cindy Matalucci

Many people ask me what I am wearing on the red carpet and to events, from my clothes to my make up! I thought I would share some of my red carpet tips. I try and have my glam squad with me to make sure I look my best on camera, but let’s be honest, that doesn’t always happen and so I have learned quite a few fabulous tips over the years from the amazing hair and make up artists I have worked with. I have also learned by experimenting with looks and trying different make up on. Honestly I am a make up whore and constantly can be caught at Ulta or Sephora, buying a whole slew of products!

The first tip I am giving you is the foundation that I am using and that I swear by! I am a huge fan of Smashbox cosmetics and have tried several of their foundations. The one I have been using lately and really love is Studio Skin Liquid Foundation. It is 15 hour wear, provides full coverage and is not cakey. Some foundations can give you a cakey look which is never pretty on camera or on the red carpet! I also like the fact that it is hydrating!

I love to mix and match with my products. I like to add a dab of Smashbox Liquid Halo with my Studio Skin Foundation. This gives you a radiant glow and really lights up your skin! This is also HD make up which is an absolute necessity if you are on camera. This is also spf 15 and oil free which will not clog your pores.

These 2 foundations can be a little pricey, although I feel you really get what you pay for. They both cost $42.00. If you are searching for a less expensive alternative, my go to foundation and one I have used for years is Revlon Photoready foundation. I use Natural Beige which has an SPF of 20 and it is super hydrating. This will cost you about $10.99 and lasts forever!

So these are my picks for foundation, stay tuned for more red carpet tips on The Pulse Walk!

Smashbox & Revlon

Smashbox & Revlon

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