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The Cindy Chronicles Recap of 2015

24 Feb 2016

written by Cindy Matalucci

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a new project I am doing with The Pulse! I have always had a blog post on our site called “Cindy’s Blog Box” where I wrote articles on different things but this is a new animal.

This is called The Cindy Chronicles and it will be chronicling my life. This is me uncensored and raw so you can get to know me better. I am going to talk to you about the struggles, the celebrations, answer the questions that people ask me and hopefully motivate and inspire you. This will be authentic and real talk. No fluff:) I really love inspiring others and showcasing other peoples stories so I thought it might be fun to showcase some of my life on a regular basis. It can be pure comedy but It is not always champagne and roses so I want to share lessons I have learned and struggles I have gone through to hopefully help in some way.

I figured out I would start the posts with a recap of last year, good old 2015. Well that one is in the bag but it was a big lesson year for me. Tip one: Wine is your best friend, lol! No seriously, it did help me sleep at night.

Anyway I hope it is not too long and I would LOVE your feed back on it! Let me know what you think!

cindylodgephoto 2


Yours Always,

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