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30 Day Yoga Challenge at Yoga Six

10 Aug 2016

written by Cindy Matalucci

30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge at Yoga Six
Yoga Six
2850 Womble Road Suite #101
San Diego, Ca 92106

On this episode of the Cindy Chronicles, I talk about one of the things I struggle with the most, being present in the moment. Being an entrepreneur and type A, I am constantly thinking ahead, about the next thing or project I will be working on. I am thinking about my to do list and what I can mark off as completed so I can move on to the next task. I seldom stop and smell the roses which is a complete TRAVESTY!

Let’s face it, life is short and time passes us by so quickly. I really wanted to take time for myself and make myself a priority. With my birthday in May, I decided to kick off my celebration with a few days at a wellness retreat in Idyllwild to recharge my battery. While I was there, I decided I really wanted to get back into Yoga. I had been a devout yogi for several years, then fell off the old YOGA bandwagon when I launched my business in 2011. I hardly had anytime to focus on myself.

Over the last three years I have gained about 20 lbs due to some hormone, thyroid, and stress issues, so I really wanted to set aside time for me to get my workout in and do something that would help center me and bring me back to the present.

I have tried many yoga classes and really LOVE Yoga Six. I love the decor, the flow in their classes, the music they play is AWESOME, and the instructors are phenomenal. There is just something about the energy in their studios that I really love. Chaise, the manager in Point Loma at Liberty Station is such a joy and so much fun! When I decided to do my 30 day challenge, she was nothing but supportive and even bought me flowers when I completed my challenge!!

Chaise and Camille

Chaise and Camille

Decor at Point Loma

Decor at Point Loma

With a little bit of fear that my body would be clumsy trying to get back into Yoga, and with a bit of concern that I was not going to be able to do 30 days straight of Hot Yoga, I embarked on my challenge. I told people about it, I made an announcement and a commitment to myself, and threw myself in 150%. (Hey that’s why they call it a practice, because it is something you have to work on every day, right?)

I admit it was not easy to get to hot yoga everyday with my schedule. What it taught me was to stop thinking about planning ahead so much and to take things 1 day at a time. I had my Yoga Six schedule and my clothes ready everyday so I knew when the classes were and when I could make it to one. Several times I JUST made it to class by the skin of my teeth.

What is really interesting is I became ADDICTED to my hour of yoga, and started to get very SELFISH with my time here. I called it my “hot cocoon of Happiness,” and really started to prioritize my time. No one was going to get in the way of my yoga session. (Confession: I even snuck out of an event I was covering for an hour to do my yoga!)


I am not going to tell you that it was an easy challenge, because it was not. Hot yoga is no joke. At 105 degrees in the room, you have to get the breathing right and listen to your body. It literally peeled off my manicure and pedicure from the consecutive 30 days of HEAT. Yet it was so worth it.

I have to give it up to the instructors there, that really help guide you in class on the mat. They continually remind you to reconnect with your breathe and to be in the present moment. In Child’s pose, my FAVORITE yoga pose, they ask you “why are you here today?” They remind you to think about what you want from your practice and tell you to let it all go. Everyday that I left Yoga Six, I felt so calm and clear. It helped me to not get so worked up about an email or a text, and to really take a look at what I wanted in my life. I used my 10 minutes before class on the mat to manifest what I wanted in my life personally and professionally!

Liam & I

Liam & I

I walked away from this challenge, a MUCH better person. Yoga makes me a better, more calm being. I am still going and will never give it up. I admit I am not there everyday but I try and make it at least 5 days a week. (No one is going to get me to give up Hot Yoga!!)

I hope you will watch my experience with the 30 day challenge, and my experience with Yoga Six and maybe it will inspire you to do a challenge here or another challenge that is right for you! Mention the Pulse and they have 1 free week of Yoga so you can try it!



For more on my experience head on over the Yoga Six’s Blog for my full interview on how this experience has changed my life on and off the mat!

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