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Music Lodge At Sundance

02 Feb 2017

written by Cindy Matalucci


The Pulse was Live at Music Lodge at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Music Lodge once again partnered with The Associated Press as they have for the last 10 years, as the global news network. The location this year was at the epicenter of the festival on lower Main street.

Cindy interviews Peppina

With Tesla providing chauffeured rides for celebrity guests to attend the lodge and do their interviews here, and amazing vendors showcasing their products to the celebrities it is the place to be.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka suppled the drinks, and vendors like Garrett Popcorn, Coolway USA boots, Freed & Freed Coats; Grindstone Universal apparel, Over the Top Cookies and Uinta beer were having a blast mixing & mingling in the lodge with the celeb guests and gaining exposure for their business. We actually had a chance to talk to some of the vendors in attendance.

Cindy talks to Meaghan from Coolway USA

Lisa with Benjamin Bratt

Elijah Wood


Cindy & Laird Hamilton

Talking with Playing For Change

Some of this years celebs who attended:10x Grammy winner Carlos Santana; Tim Robbins (HBO’s “The Brink); musician Mary J. Blige; Peter Dinklege (“Game of Thrones”); The band Foreigner; Elle Fanning (SYDNEY HALL); The legendary John Legend (5th visit to Music Lodge) rapper Common; Jack Black (SCHOOL of ROCK); Danny Glover (LETHAL WEAPON); Mark Hamill (STAR WARS); Elijah Wood (LORD of the RINGS); Zoe Deutch (BEFORE I FALL); Shirley MacLaine (THE LAST WORD); Anne Heche (THE LAST WORD); Laird Hamilton (TAKE EVERY WAVE); Kevin Bacon (Mystic River); Jennifer Beals (BEFORE I FALL); Edie Falco (LANDLINE); Renner (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE); Elena Kampouris (BEFORE I FALL); Jason Segal (THE DISCOVERY); Geena Davis (A LEAGUE of THEIR OWN); Charlize Theron (ITALIAN JOB); Mary McCormack (IN PLAIN SIGHT) Cynthy Wu (BEFORE I FALL); Tye Sheridan (YELLOW BIRDS); Benjamin Bratt (DOCTOR STRANGE) Elizabeth Olsen (Captain America: Civil War) Carey Mulligan (MUDBOUND); Director Rory Kennedy (TAKE EVERY WAVE); Chelsea Handler (“Chelsea Lately”); Nia Long (KEANU, ROXANNE ROXANNE); Matt Bomer (“White Collar”) Matt Walsh (“Veep”); Adam Pally (BAND AID); Rob Morgan (MUDBOUND); Michelle Morgan (L.A. TIMES); Garrett Hedlund (MUDBOUND); Jason Mitchell (MUDBOUND); Zamata (SNL); Medalion Rahimi (ABC’s Still Star-Crossed); and many more.

Kevin Sorbo

Garrett Popcorn

Marissa from Freed

Shirley MacLaine

Anne Heche


Armie Hammer

The Music Lodge, partnering with, The Creative Coalition, a celebrity-based 501c3
non-profit charity, also launched a Twitter fundraising campaign on Sunday, January 22nd. This included Tim Daly, Mark Ballas & BC Jean on the AP twitter feed of 10 million followers! Stay tuned for more details on this!

Lisa with Mark Ballas & BC Jean

ABOUT MUSIC LODGE: Since 2004, the Music Lodge has been hosting Music & Media on Main St during the Sundance Film Festival. Over the past thirteen years, the Music Lodge has averaged a billion media impressions annually and receives 90% of the celebrity guests attending the Festival in their hospitality event. Guests enjoy select brand gifting and experiences, while AP and other press and social media outlets conduct interviews on site.

Check it out!


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