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Hope2gether Foundation

05 Feb 2017

written by Cindy Matalucci

Live With Hope2gether Foundation: Sherrie Rubin, Sandy Nolan, and Tommy Sablan

The Taste of Hope fundraising event will include local culinary, wine and beer tastings, live music and a silent auction. Special guests include; Jenn Karlman, Anchorwoman FOX 5, Cindy Matalucci, local television producer and host of THE PULSE SD, Tommy Sablan, Producer KYXY Jeff and the Showgram and Bret Boone former MLB player and Author.

We hope you can join us for a delicious and fun evening. The proceeds from this event will allow us to continue our mission of, reducing addiction, overdoses and deaths in San Diego County from prescription medications and other drugs, through education and advocacy.

About Hope2gether Foundation: Mission:

Our misssion is to reduce and prevent prescription drug, heroin and other drug addiction, overdoses and deaths. Provide resources and education for the community as well as advocate for change.

Millions of Americans are concerned about Prescription drug overdose deaths. We’ve seen this epidemic grow, today claiming more lives than all American soldiers lives, in the past three wars. In the United States, 44 people a day die in a prescription drug death. CDC Stats.

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