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Sojourn Healing

13 Nov 2017

written by Cindy Matalucci

Sojourn Healing Collective
2870 FIFTH AVE #200
Bankers Hill, CA

PHONE:(858) 634-0345

Nestled in the community of Bankers Hill near Downtown San Diego, Sojourn is a holistic healing and wellness center that provides an integrative approach to total well-being.

Through its unique combination of offerings such as yoga, reiki, meditation, massage, acupuncture, intuitive readings, workshops and community events, Sojourn is able to create a wellness plan unique to each individual; allowing participants to reveal the most authentic version of themselves, helping them realize their greatest potential from within.

Offering drop-in rates for yoga classes and all-inclusive memberships, participants have access to a supportive community of gifted healers, teachers and students, all of which inspire truth, wholeness and self-realization in one another.

Owner Whitney Yarnall has really created a unique space for individuals to come and feel part of the community she has created here in Bankers Hill.


I got to spend the day there trying out some of the amazing services they offer to their clients and I had an amazing time. I tried a chart reading with James which literally blew my mind.

He had specific dates for me and a ton of information on the patterns that kept repeating in my life. I highly recommend this. I cannot wait to go back and spend more time with James.

I then moved on to the most unique massage I have ever had with Virgil from Sim Massage. It started out with a card reading, a mantra, and a meditation, then Virgil tailored a massage to those things.

Virgil implemented a combination of deep tissue and reki with oils and acupressure. It was insane. He knew exactly where my knots were and where to relive the tension.

Can we talk about his room too? I have never been in a massage room quite like this. It is like being in a forest of dream catchers, lights, plants, and it is quite an experience.

I then took the Vinyasa Yoga class with Tacy and absolutely loved it. It starts to get dark in the yoga room and they have these amazing lights that shine and you really feel so zen!

I ended my day with Gary from Smiling Buddha Bodywork for a community acupuncture session, which Sojourn hosts on Wednesday nights.

Gary does acupuncture in the ear and also showed us something called ear seeds, which is acupressure that allows you take your acupuncture home with you for a few extra weeks. Plus, it looks like a diamond and he picks the color based on your service and acupuncture diagnosis.  

Gary’s motto is relax, rebuild, and restore, and we felt great after his treatment.

I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed Sojourn and I highly recommend them! I cannot wait to go back again! You must check them out and mention The Pulse for exclusive discounts and your first Yoga Class Free!

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