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Live With Total Body Hydration

26 Jan 2018

written by Cindy Matalucci

OUR LIVE SHOW Friday the 12th AT 11AM

Live With Total Body Hydration!
(619) 376-6317
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We had Debbie Carlson from Kangen Water and James Smith, owner of Total Body Hydration. in studio with us.

Total Body Hydration is the official sponsor for The San Diego Guardians ABA Basketball team and keeps the them hydrated for their best performance! We also had Kenneth Bishop, Jr, owner of the San Diego Guardians, in studio talking about the water and the results he has seen since his team starting drinking it!

Debbie and James talked about water and why it is not created equal. It turns out that the absolute best water isn’t that H2O stuff from your kitchen faucet, a filtered pitcher, the filer on your refrigerator, or even the office water cooler. And it’s certainly not the high-priced H2O in plastic or fancy glass bottles at the grocery store, either.

The absolute best water is Hydrogen-Rich Water (aka H2 Water)! H2 Hydrogen-Rich Wagter is being hailed as the new fountain of youth by doctors, fitness experts, and celebrities for its amazing health, healing, disease prevention, and anti-aging benefits. But why is H2 Hydrogen-Rich Water different from regular H2O Water?

Well, H2 Hydrogen-Rich Water is water that has more therapeutic hydrogen gas in it. And this additionally dissolved hydrogen is what helps reduce bodily inflammation, creates glowing skin, aids in athletic performance, and skyrockets antioxidant production to help you stay healthy. Not to mention you’ll feel and look younger, longer. Sign me up!!!

Some factual statistics:
The human body is 75% water. You’ve got roughly10-13 gallons of water in your body. Water makes up 75% of your muscles and heart, 83% of your brain and kidneys, 86% of your lungs, 95% of your eyes, 22% of your bones and 90% of your blood. You are literally what you drink!

Most Americans do not drink enough water and compromise their health. They only get 1/2 gallon of fluid daily, much of it from acidic coffee, tea, alcohol and soft drinks, many of which actually rob the body of water. It takes more water to process and filter out these beverages.


Make Up and Hair Provided by Cindy Stirling!

Cindy Stirling Make Up Artist

Make up and hair by Cindy Stirling

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