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True North Live

03 May 2018

written by Cindy Matalucci

Lois Weinblatt From True North Business Development April 13th!

This episode of Live With Cindy was sponsored by MiraCoal:

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Lois Weinblatt

We were so excited to welcome Lois Weinblatt to the show! She is the founder of True North Business Development where she helps her clients craft their vision and create their future!


Lois can help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. For Lois Weinblatt, that question is the universal starting point. Whether a client is ready for a new approach to strategic planning, employee engagement, or their own leadership development, she helps them gain new clarity on their definition of success and then work backwards to create a Roadmap and make it happen.
Sign us up please!!

You all need to hear more form this Dynamo! She gave us some great tips on the show!

Find out how to attend an exclusive workshop she is leading on Friday May 25th:


WeWork San Diego
600 B Street, Ste. 300
San Diego, CA 92101

Use Promo code SD2018 to save $175.00 off your price!

About Lois:
Lois has worked with Visionary leaders in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and India that represent a diverse range of fields. Her systematic approach is effective across industries because it focuses on the fundamental dynamics of change at both the individual and organizational levels. Throughout her career she saw the kind of impact a clear Vision (or lack thereof) had on businesses and went on to design the Deep-Dive Visioning Process she continues to utilize now.

With a degree in Journalism from Boston University, Lois is a published writer and uses that skill set to help clients document their Vision of success in a way that is both inspiring and strategically sound. She draws on her background in management, operations, training, sales and customer retention and focuses on drawing the best out of her clients.

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