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Live With Mya Duong

13 May 2018

written by Cindy Matalucci

Friday May 11th Live show!
The Pulse welcomes local author, Mya Duong!

Mya Duong
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We were so excited to sit down with local author Mya Duong to talk about her first book, MINDFUL THINGS. This is the first book in the trilogy.

It is written in the fantasy genre and also has some romance in it!

Synopsis of the Book:

Nineteen-year-old Lauren Reed has always felt peculiar. She has no memory of her past after her parents’ mysterious deaths, and her unusual emerald eyes and severe migraines reinforce her sense of being an outsider. With her sophomore year of Northwestern about to begin, Lauren can’t wait to escape her adoptive parents’ overprotectiveness and move in with her best friend, Raegan, for a fresh start.

Unfortunately, her plan is thwarted when a strange note in her parents’ study leads to a frightful vision of a woman running for her life. Lauren’s other senses also start to heighten – especially after she meets the very handsome and charming Quinn Maxwell. As her visions and connection to Quinn strengthen, Lauren is stalked by an irate man with a cryptic warning: Raefield is coming for her, and she better not resist, or everyone will suffer.

Frightened and confused, Lauren digs into her past, looking for answers. She is shocked to discover her biological parents were witches. Their lifesaving magic triggered her evolving abilities, which is why she’s being hunted by Raefield, a power-hungry madman. Although her parents’ coven swears to protect her, Lauren must willingly embrace her new powers or risk a dark fate.

We then got the scoop from Mya on what to expect in book number two coming out this summer. Book number two is titled:  A TIME OF WITCHES.

The first book, MINDFUL THINGS, was started by Mya in 2008 but sat in her computer for some time until she had it looked over by an editor and finally released in 2017! We find out how this happened and how Mya worked on this book while working full time in the nursing industry.

We also had Mya answer one of our questions for Entrepreneur Confessions and give a tip to the new authors out there that are wanting to write their first book!

Follow Mya on social media @mya_duong on instagram and @MyaDuong on Twitter!

About Mya:
Mya Duong (in English pronounced Mia Dwong; in Vietnamese, Duong pronounced yuung or zuung) grew up in Wisconsin. Originally, she was born in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), but when it came time to leave, her parents and siblings left for the United States to settle in America’s Dairyland. This became home for many years.

She was shy in her youth, but managed to make some friends. The confusion came with her name. Born My Duong (pronounced Me), it was difficult for people to remember unless they knew her. Using the family nickname, Mya, didn’t make it less hard to remember or pronounce. The name eventually caught on.

In addition to earning a bachelor of science in nursing, she’s always dreamed of becoming a writer and giving life to her stories. She currently lives in San Diego, California.

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