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Annie’s Canyon Trail

28 May 2018

written by Cindy Matalucci

Annie’s Trail: Solana Beach
450 Solana Hills Drive
3.1 Miles Loop
Dog Friendly
Beautiful Caves to hike through

We love our canine companions at the Pulse! We are always on the search for the perfect hike that we can go together on as the 4 pack that we are. We try and do a hike every weekend if we are not working!

It was a few months ago and I saw a friend post a picture of her and her family on a hike through these gorgeous caves. I found out it was in Solana Beach in San Elijo area. (In the San Elijo Ecological Reserve)

We couldn’t wait to check it out, even though it took us a few months to get there.

A cool story is that the trail is named in honor of a conservancy supporter, Annie, a 30 year old resident of Solana Beach who wanted to expand and restore wild areas for nature and for people.

The trail is accessible from the Rios Avenue trail. The whole trail is about 3.1 miles and is a loop. The Annie’s Canyon Trail portion is about 1/4 of a mile.

There is a strenuous way to the top and the view which is uphill traversing between very tight caves and 200 foot walls to the top. A quick warning, if you take the strenuous way up, and you have dogs, there is a ladder almost at the top that you might have to pick up your dogs on, and it is a bit hairy!

We made it up with our 2 German Shepherds, but it was not easy and had to lift them up to the top! Yep, they are about 70 pounds. There is another way to the top through an uphill path and steps, but it is not through the caves.

Once at the top the view is very pretty! I highly recommend this hike and it is not too strenuous for the beginner hiker! #pulseapproved

View from the top

2 tired dragons

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