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Alisa DiLorenzo

13 Sep 2018

written by Cindy Matalucci

Episode 2 of Wine Wednesdays with The Pulse
Shot on location at Koi Zen Winery:

12225 World Trade Drive. Suite P. San Diego, CA 92128

Cindy sits down with Alisa DiLorenzo From One Extraordinary Marriage, to discuss sex, relationships, what couples fight about, working with your significant other, manscaping, and much much more.

Yes, Manscaping is for real and you need to know about it!

Did I mention we are talking A LOT about SEX, and we are drinking a lot of wine!

Wearing a dress by Saylor NYC on set of Wine Wednesdays!

Alisa is raw, unfiltered and open about the struggles she went through in her own marriage and how they came out stronger than ever!

She celebrates 22 years with her husband Tony!

Cheers to that!

About Alisa:

Tony & Alisa believe that a healthy combination of sex, love, and commitment is more than the foundation of a strong marriage… it’s the glue that will keep a marriage together.

It is through this lens that they help time-crunched couples become intentional about their lives and create the marriage that they desire.

They are experienced marriage coaches, podcasters, and the co-authors of the Amazon best seller,
7 Days of Sex Challenge.

If you want to stop drifting and are ready to take action in your life and marriage, they can help you!

Alisa, Tony, and her 2 beautiful children

Big thank you to Koi Zen Cellars, our sponsor for this amazing show!

Cindy and Darius owner of Koi Zen

About Koi Zen:

We love the feel of this neighborhood winery and the story behind it. Lisa was a photographer and her husband Darius, a computer scientist working in the corporate world.

When the market took a tank in 2012 and with a health scare, Lisa & Darius decided that life was too short to live for a paycheck and decided to do something they were really passionate about, making wine!

They opened Koi Zen Cellars where they crush, ferment, age, blend & bottle the grapes/wine all on site.

They source the grapes from world class vineyards like Napa and Lodi.

They carry Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Malbec, Merlot, Petite Sirah, & Mourvedre.

We especially enjoy their Chardonnay which is crisp and has the flavors of nectarines, peaches, and pears.

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