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Urban Skin Care & GTDD

26 Dec 2018

written by Cindy Matalucci

Live on Facebook at 11am and Live on our site at 11:30AM!

Urban Skin Care
3357 4th Avenue, Suite 1, San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: 619.233.0306
Tuesday – Thursday – 10:30 – 6
Friday – 9am – 3pm
Saturday – 10-4

This episode of Live with Cindy is sponsored by: Girl Two Doors Down.


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The Pulse Welcomed The ladies from Urban Skin Care in Bankers Hill.

We all know how stressful it is to look your absolute best during the holidays and for that special event, well DO NOT FRET, owners of Urban Skin Care, Larissa and Erin have you covered with a few signature things you can do to look your best!

About Urban Skin Care:

Since 2002, Urban Skin Care has provided our clients with a luxurious spa experience in a contemporary setting. Founders Erin and Larissa provide top quality service and a commitment to excellent, holistic care.

From Custom facials, to waxing services, they have you covered at their full service salon!

They brought Tricia Crespin along as their beautiful model to demonstrate the eye lash extensions they provide at the salon and how beautiful and natural it looks.

Mention the Pulse when you book for an extra special discount!

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