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Edge Cycle Exclusive

03 Mar 2019

written by Cindy Matalucci

Exclusive Promotion from Edge Cycle and The Pulse!
Includes one month (30 Days) unlimited Spin Classes and shoe rentals included!

Edge Cycle
1490 J Street
San Diego, Ca 92101
(619) 324-8680

You know how serious I am about a challenge and about my fitness!

I was approached by a new boutique spin studio located in the East Village about coming to check them out and try a class.

First of all, I LOVE SPIN and always feel like it is such an amazing workout. I have tried just about every spin studio out there and they are all very unique.

When Soul Cycle opened in UTC, everyone was going crazy and I even went to the grand opening and to few classes there and loved it.

The reason I bring this up to you is that Jenea Sutton, the CEO and founder of Edge worked at Soul Cycle for 6 years. It’s very cool because she brings some of my favorite things from Soul Cycle to Edge, like the mantras and the intentions that you bring into your class and then into your day.

Yet, at Edge, it is a WHOLE different vibe entirely! It is more authentic and well, EDGY!


The music is everything and the instructors are addictive! They bring so much energy to the class and they have really created a community in the East Village.

There is no pretense or airs about anyone there. People are there to get a workout and to mix with the community and you can sense this right away!

The whole vibe is about working hard on yourself and having fun which I appreciate!

Dom and I

People cheer each other on and cheers each other in class with their waters! High fives are happening constantly!

From their motto which is F*@K BASIC, written on the wall, to the amazing fitness clothes they have for sale in the lobby, you know this is not your average spin studio.

They have a sign on the back wall that says Hangry and offer superfood coffee and kefir soda on tap to keep you from getting to that point!

I grew to LOVE all the instructors but developed a huge love for Aaron Low and the energy he puts into his class. He always knows what quote or mantra I need to hear in the class to pump me up and what music to play to get me dancing in my seat!

He loves his EDM throwbacks too!


In my 28 days and from this challenge, I have learned to make more time for me and to make my fitness a priority! The bike and the class became my church and I felt empowered and strong each time I left Edge.

There is no thing as a perfect work life balance, but we can set our intentions for living our best life and this is what I plan to do!

I am a HUGE fan of Edge and you will catch me spinning here on the regular! Use our promo code to save on 30 days and check them out! #pulseapproved

TIP: What to do here, either a boomerang or a selfie in the mirror before class! Everyone is doing it for the gram lol!

About Edge:

Edge Cycle is a 45 min full body workout guided by heavy beats, unapologetic behavior, and rebellious mentality. We incorporate all genres of music to create a journey of sweat, dance, and connection. No more playing it safe, we push inner boundaries to achieve personal goals of change! Edge Cycle is a place of acceptance where we are able to breakdown in order to breakthrough. A place to build trust, a place to take risk, and a place to not do it alone. Come as you are, try something new!

About Jenea:

Jenea, owner and founder of Edge Cycle, has 12 years combined experienced as a professional hip hop dancer and indoor cycling instructor. Jenea made her mark in the fitness industry when the Golden State Warriors players consistently attended her classes in the Bay Area. With hopes to come back home to Southern California, Edge Cycle was born.

She combines her hip hop dance moves, and motivational words to create a ratchet and self fulfilling experience. Jenea is not only dedicated to help change bodies, but she is set to help change lives. From Lauryn Hill to Biggie Smalls, this powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with.

Other Instructors:
Dom and Nat!



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