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Becki Freed

10 Jul 2019

written by Cindy Matalucci

Live Friday July 5th

Contact Becki: (760) 484-8191

The Pulse welcomed Becki Freed from Becki Freed Legacy Photography!

Becki Freed has worked with many entrepreneurs and business professionals throughout her career as a brand strategist and brand photographer. Her services are unique because she and her team provide an elite photography production that creates personal brand story images for her clients. These are expert commercial, magazine-quality photos with no license usage rates like other commercial photographers charge!

Becki combined her love of photography, marketing, and entrepreneurship when she saw a need for business owners to become the face of their brand through personalized brand story images. She now helps her clients present themselves as true leaders in their industry with these beautiful images.
Today, with social media, blogs, newsletters, and more, just having a nice headshot is no longer enough; consistent visual content is now expected.

Becki saw many business owners trying to keep up with the demand by sharing sub-par photos taken with their phones or with unoriginal stock photos. Both of these options were taking away from their professionalism and their bottom line. They also had typical headshots that were taken in a staged studio setting, with minimal personal input on their attire or grooming. There didn’t seem to be enough personalization or thought put into most of the โ€œpersonal brand photosโ€ that were being taken by some other photographers, they werenโ€™t being taken on location and they were not telling a unique brand story with their images.

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Because of her love for all things entrepreneurial, Becki wanted to offer a service that would really help solve this problem for entrepreneurs. As a brand strategist and professional photographer, she brings a great level of expertise, and she also employs a team of professionals to help her clients dominate in EVERY area that she believes is essential for creating top-notch, unique brand images. Her team includes a celebrity wardrobe stylist and celebrity makeup artist/licensed hairstylist. Together they work with her clients in advance to provide an image empowerment service that creates the perfect, individualized look from head to toe.

She also added professional lighting experts to her team so that she could take beautiful, curated lifestyle images of her clients in any location, at any time of day.

Becki offers a subscription service that gives her regular clients a substantial discount and allows them to obtain enough visual content to share year-round, in different seasons, different locations, a variety of work situations, with business associates, and much more. Her subscription clients receive a robust library of beautiful images that are unique to their brand, and their audience loves it!
She also works with a local luxury magazine and offers a discount to her clients who wish to be featured in their own articles or ads, on the cover, etc.

Becki primarily works in southern California and has clients who regularly fly in from other parts of the country to work with her. She lives in San Diego with her husband near beautiful Balboa Park. Her son and daughter-in-law live nearby in North County San Diego.

Cindy’s outfit details:
Dress Shoshanna
1950’s Vintage Blue Danube necklace by BijouRocks
Custom Lena shoes Agnes Bethel
Hair and Make up
Beauty BeSpoken

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