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LuLuCloth & West Coast Medium

23 Jul 2019

written by Cindy Matalucci

Live July 19th The Pulse Welcomed Vicki Murphy and Diane Goodman!

Recap of Live show

Diane Goodman founder of Lulu Cloth!

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How It All Started…
For many years, I had been washing my face using my favorite cleanser (for sensitive skin) and warm water. Every couple of days, I added to my face-washing routine, by using a regular washcloth (gasp) to help clean more thoroughly (makeup, dry skin, etc.). I was really only using one corner of the cloth and the rest of the cloth would just get in the way…so I began cutting the washcloth into quarters. I was a little particular about the thickness of the cloth. I didn’t like using a cloth that was too thick. A thin-medium was more pliable and effective! So…the perfect, soft washcloth was born!

Now, we all can have clean & happy skin with the LULUCLOTH!

LULUCLOTH follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulatory guidelines to ensure the quality, purity, and strength of our products. GMP describes the methods, the controls, the equipment and facilities that must be put into place for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical and OTC products.

All products are manufactured in the USA which ensures efficacy, freshness and stability.

We personally LOVE the green tea cleanser and use it on a regular basis! #pulseapproved


Vicki Murphy
Integrative Energy &
Life Purpose Coach
Corporate Consultant

Hop on the calendar here for special event session pricing (for Pulse ONLY offer open for 30 days, must complete session by Sept 30th, 2019): 

About Vicki:

I began to experience seeing loved ones, and “knowing things that I had no prior knowledge of” (claircognizance), and having Angelic communication, at a very early age. I would later find out that this gift was passed down maternally.

Growing up I was exposed to both a strong belief in God and quantum physics.  Born overseas, both of my parents worked for the State Department of the Government and had “eyes only” clearance.
We returned to the states when I was a baby, and I was surrounded by a loving, large, intuitive family.  My grandmother was intuitive, seeing spirits and loved ones, and my psychic medium abilities were passed down from my mother’s side.

My father, who had worked for the CIA, had a strong belief in God, and brought quantum physics, reincarnation, dimensional beliefs, and knowledge of life beyond this planet, to the table [My uncle was a Colonel in Area 51].

My mom taught us about God and we were raised Catholic.
Prior to developing my intuitive healing and coaching business, I used my BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art), and became internationally known in the art industry, channeling intuitive art work.

Painting by my business partner one afternoon, the man that was soon to become my husband, he asked me “who I was talking to?”  This was an awakening for me, and in that moment, I realized that not everyone had such clear communication with the other side – I was talking with guides about the composition and did this all the time.

As I told him this, he explained to me that he didn’t do that, and I realized that I had a special gift.  This prompted me to develop my abilities further and to use them to help others.
I had the perfect background to believe in “things unseen” including God.

This upbringing allowed me to develop and use my intuition for healing support, energy clearing and my other psychic medium gifts, including soul retrievals, life purpose readings, and more.  I began to use my gifts to manifest incredible opportunities including my job as a flight attendant, ski supervisor, and to help reach and teach children in foster care to Live Their Dreams. This lead to the creation of my current Intuitive Business Coaching & Energy Mastery Programs.

Vicki is hosting an event in Charleston on August 24th. Details here:

We were very impresses with Vicki and she even answered a few questions Live from followers which blew us away with her insight and response to the questions! She is amazing!!!

Dress Alexia Admor, shoes Christian Louboutin

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