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Episode 32

18 Sep 2019

written by Cindy Matalucci


On Todays Episode: We are in studio with Ali Levine celebrity stylist & Bravo TV star turned Mommy Influencer who will be showcasing her MUST have Vacation and StayCation essentials

We then head out to the ribbon cutting and grand opening of Melanie Robertson’s new photography studio in Carlsbad!

© Ivan S. Harris Photography

We end our show on location in North Park at Project concern International and show you how this local non profit is making global strides!


Our Summer Staycation/Travel Must Have’s segment was brought to you by: Mine Tan:
The creators of the 1st 1 hour tan:

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We love vacation whether its the summer or a staycation year round! As a mother, it can be hard to juggle the vacation/Mom life, so we brought in Ali Levine to talk to us about the products that make her life easier!

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Segment on Melanie Robertson:

Melanie is a high school senior, dance, and family portrait photographer.
She is fulfilling her dream by moving into her first studio!

© Ivan S. Harris Photography

The Pulse was there for the Ribbon cutting and grand opening of the studio located in the Carlsbad Gateway Center!


Our The Pulse on The Scene segment brought to you by Trilogy Financial Services. What ever your financial needs and goals are, Windus and her team at Trilogy have you covered.


On todays episode we are on the carpet for the premiere of Batman Hush at San Diego Comic Con!

We talk with Jason O’Mara who reprises his role as Batman in the new installment of Batman Hush which is the 13th installment of the DC Animated movie universe and the 35th overall film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies.

PCI Segment:

Project Concern International (PCI) is a global development organization that drives innovation from the ground up to enhance health, end hunger and overcome hardship—resulting in meaningful and measurable change in people’s lives.

Today PCI works in 16 countries across Asia, Africa, and the Americas, including the United States. Last year PCI’s programs impacted the lives of nearly 12 million people.

We are on location with them talking about some of these phenomenal programs.


Cindy’s dress was provided by Timmithea


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