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MarkShane Malone

30 Oct 2019

written by Cindy Matalucci

Goal Session With MarkShane

1st Workout session

7955 Dunbrook Road
San Diego, CA 92126

Tel: 619-726-0006

If you have been following me the last few years on social media, you will see that I LOVE fitness and working out. My whole life I have been an athlete and in love with fitness.

As a young girl, I played little league and was the only girl on my team. They even had a nickname for me, “Ms. Hollywood.” Ironic isn’t it? Through my grade school years I played basketball and then in High School, I played basketball and Field Hockey.

Moving on to college, I played division 3 Field Hockey and also became a certified Aerobics instructor. After graduating I took the leap and moved from New Jersey to San Diego and continued with my fitness on the West Coast. I eventually became a certified Pilates instructor and taught for a few years.

Long story short, I have always been in shape and been able to transform my body. The last few years for me I have struggled with hormone issues, inflammation, a misdiagnosis that led me to being told I had a hypothyroid condition and being put on thyroid medication and overall weight gain. As much as I worked out and watched what I ate, I continued to gain weight. It was very frustrating for me! I just knew I needed to find something that was going to shock my body and really get me in shape.

Interestingly enough about 6-7 months ago I spotted MarkShane Malone on the Bella Twins show, “Total Bella’s with Nikki and Brie Bella. He was training them while they were living in San Diego. I remember thinking I love his gym and his workouts. I then forgot his name and where he was located, but a few months later, I found him on Instagram and decided to reach out. (Gotta love the old Gram:)

We had a great first meeting and really hit it off. It was like we were interviewing each other to see if we could work together.

We decided to move forward and met to go over my goal, which you can see a little bit of in our first video above. What I love about Markshane is that his programs are VERY personalized.

Your first appointment starts with MarkShane or your trainer assessing your fitness abilities using Polar Body Age Testing so they can better analyze your customized fitness program.

Polar Body Age Testing is a professional assessment that combines your fitness results (endurance, strength, flexibility, body fat) into a single score. This score, your Body Age, represents your current physical capacity and can be compared to your chronological age.

Shape Up Studio will then utilize data from your Body Age to design your custom training program.

My Chronological age was the same as my real age??? What!! I should be 29 lol!!

MarkShane then gives you your current body age, body mass index, body fat, strength and flexibility ranking and VO2max as well as much more in the Polar Body Age Personal Profile. (I was shocked at mine. At one point my body fat was 14% when I was in my best shape. I was at 29% which was high for me!

MarkShane used all of this information (12 page report on ME) as a baseline for developing my customized fitness program and then monitoring my success.

My workout program changes everyday so my body never adapts to the workout. It is not easy and is challenging everyday! My food program changes every week to 2 weeks depending on my weight loss and results. We weigh in each week and will be doing body fat and measurements every 4 weeks.

He also gives me ab workouts to do 2 x a day and is in constant touch with me to make sure I am accountable! The workouts are 30 minutes but they are intense!

My Goal is to drop 15 lbs and get my body fat percentage down from 29% to 22%. MarkShane told me I should lose 4 lbs the first week, then 2 lbs each week moving forward.

I am happy to report I worked my #$% off and weighed in 4 lbs lighter after the first week.

I am not going to lie, it is NOT easy, and I have to give up my wine for a little, but I am on a mission to be my fittest, best self, and I hope you will follow me on my journey!

Mention me and The Pulse to receive a complimentary consultation with MarkShane!!! You deserve it!!


Markshane Malone’s personal training career began with a wish for his mother’s health and a determination to change his own body image and the way he felt about himself. He turned to training himself first, setting goals and reaching them through perseverance. Friends and family saw the positive changes, resulting in healthy body and healthy attitude. 11 years ago, Markshane decided to turn his passion into his career and has been changing lives ever since.

Founded by personal trainer and author Markshane Malone, Shape Up Studio provides personal training services to individuals, small groups and corporations. With a team of highly sought after nationally certified trainers, Shape Up Studio is a fully equipped weight training and human performance center. Our mission is to help people live longer, happier lives by eliminating preventable diseases. We work with people to lose weight, feel better and gain confidence.

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