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Markshane Malone & Maria Von Losch

05 Nov 2019

written by Cindy Matalucci

Friday Nov. 1st:

Shape Up San Diego:
7955 Dunbrook Road
San Diego, CA 92126
​Tel: 619-726-0006

The Pulse Welcomed MarkShane Malone from Shape Up San Diego & Maria Von Losch Digital content expert/coach.

Maria Von Losch is a Southern California based Digital Expert, Content Coach, Influencer, Author and TV Host. Her current passion is helping individuals (bloggers, influencers) and brands (product, service based) build an engaged audience through her expertise.

She’s often sought out for her multi-creative talents, bringing brands to life with visual stories through creative direction, copywriting and video producing/editing.

Maria regularly appears on TV as a lifestyle expert. In addition, she has continuous partnerships with brands as a brand ambassador and social influencer.

We spoke to Maria about how to take your instagram to the next level as she did growing her brand from 15,000 to over 100,000 followers!

Maria says the key is consistency and offers free resources on her site! She does coaching and on line packages for you!

Oh and do not Post then Ghost!!!! That was one of our favorite nuggets from Maria.



Markshane Malone’s personal training career began with a wish for his mother’s health and a determination to change his own body image and the way he felt about himself. He turned to training himself first, setting goals and reaching them through perseverance.

Friends and family saw the positive changes, resulting in healthy body and healthy attitude. 11 years ago, Markshane decided to turn his passion into his career and has been changing lives ever since.

Founded by personal trainer and author Markshane Malone, Shape Up Studio provides personal training services to individuals, small groups and corporations. With a team of highly sought after nationally certified trainers, Shape Up Studio is a fully equipped weight training and human performance center.

His mission is to help people live longer, happier lives by eliminating preventable diseases. They work with people to lose weight, feel better and gain confidence.

Markshane is working with Cindy on her fitness transformation and he tailored a program customized to her fitness level, and consultation they did measuring all aspects of her fitness from her current body age, body mass index, body fat, strength and flexibility ranking and VO2max as well as much more in the Polar Body Age Personal Profile she received after completing these tests!

Sign up for a free consultation and workout with Markshane here:

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