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5 Diamond Inc

09 Mar 2020

written by Cindy Matalucci

The Pulse Welcomed Carlos Martinez and Nick Mullins from 5 Diamond Heating & Cooling.

5 Diamond Heating & Cooling
9962 Prospect Ave. Ste. E
Santee, CA, 92071
Carlos Martinez
1-833-353-HVAC or book consult on line

We loved talking to Carlos and Nick about how unique their company is and all the things they offer to the clients they work with, including memberships!

Carlos Martinez And Nick Mullins:

5 Diamond Heating and Cooling

Carlos began working in different trades at a very young age. A close family friend Mike, exposed Carlos to many different facets of airplane car and farm equipment mechanical maintenance. In a short time, Carlos began performing racing modifications and high performance enhancements on his own car. He began schooling to learn how to be a mechanic.

Carlos was fascinated with everything he was learning and having Mike as a mentor really fast tracked him into his beginning in HVAC. Carlos Sr and Mike urged Carlos to become an industrial mechanic. Learn about HVAC and all the controls. Something that he was constantly reminded of by his mentors was to learn what no one else knows.

Through an ROP program Carlos attended an industrial technology high school and shortly after ITT Tech. After graduating in HVAC Training Carlos actively pursued continuing education formats in Siemens ABB VFDs Water Source Heat Pumps Direct Digital Controllers Control Logic controllers. Carlos found his passion and started running with the controls aspects of HVAC.

With the technology in HVAC being so advanced this provided the impetus to start gaining experience in the field. Carlos began working in the hotel industry as a maintenance Engineer at the Hilton in The Gaslamp in San Diego near Petco Park. The Hilton had all the HVAC you could think of and right away they allowed Carlos to work on all their HVAC systems beginning with preventative maintenance and on into diagnostics and component replacement along with controller and stat programming.

Carlos moved on to The Grand Del Mar San Diego’s only 5 Diamond Resort. He began as a mechanic working on conveyor belts, nomadic systems and tunnel washers and then right into the HVAC Department. This is where Carlos began learning about indoor air quality purifying indoor air spaces using humidifiers and creating spaces with superlative comfort. The Grand Del Mar impressed Carlos that he needed to always be 5 Diamond.

5 Diamond was the standard, a lifestyle that needed to be embraced. We are here to serve the client with the highest level of customer service. Every customer needs to be the center focus of everyone’s attention. We never answer “I don’t know” . It’s always “Allow me to find out for you”. These principles and many other 5 Diamond standards taught Carlos that being a specialist an expert in your trade is not enough, but championing the very best in customer service is exactly what differentiates between what the industry standard is and what the 5 Diamond experience is.

Carlos saw this as a niche to finally elevate the HVAC industry to the level of performance and service it rightfully should be at. Moving on to a commercial only HVAC company at 20 years old Carlos excelled as a Lead Technician taking part in huge commercial projects all over San Diego. At 21 years old Carlos had acquired his 4 years of experience and was able to attain his contractors license.

His passion and desire directed him to start an HVAC company that would implement his expertise in the various trades of HVAC along with the 5 Diamond standards of excellent customer service. His goal was to bring these offerings not only for the resorts but to the whole community. Carlos and Nick wanted to create a real impact in the industry.

Nick Mullins began his journey in HVAC at a very young age as well. His Uncle Roger owned an HVAC company and he excelled in all areas from the massive installation projects to the diagnostic, components and controls. His work ethic is clearly visible and his passion for excellence is shown by his product knowledge and detailed services he provides. Nick is dedicated to developing the skill sets of all the 5 Diamond Technicians and actively pursues all training formats to keep everyone abreast to what is the cutting edge in the industry.

5 Diamond Heating and Cooling has been in business for 5 years. Carlos and his business partner Nick Mullins enjoy many clients including hotels, high rises, commercial and residential. With a full staff available, 5 Diamond takes the under one umbrella approach. Every step of the way 5 Diamond will be right there with their customers communicating on all levels and following through to their full satisfaction.

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