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Wellness Episode

01 Apr 2020

written by Cindy Matalucci

Wellness Episode:

We continue to bring you uplifting content and resources at this turbulent time!

Live with Cindy welcomed:

MarkShane Malone, Fitness Coach from Shape Up Studios as our co-host to talk about workouts you can do from home!

Markshane shared the impact the corona virus is having on his business and the fitness industry in general.

Markshane is very passionate about people’s health and has been since 1997, when he started his business.

Markshane educated us on healthy 100 calorie snacks we can eat while we are stuck at home as well as some workout moves anyone can do in their home without weights.

Markshane is offering virtual training sessions now for his clients. Mention the Pulse when you contact him!

We welcomed our intern Brianna Ruloma to the show, who was a senior at San Diego State when the corona virus hit and turned her life around.

She shared her story with us and how she is getting through this day by day and what she is doing to stay strong.

We also welcomed Laura Medina from Laurvive, a local energy healer to the show!

Cindy has been working with Laura on her own energy healing journey.

Laura educated us on the fact that staying 6 feet from everyone is actually a good thing for your energy!  She showed us how to set energy boundaries and ways that we can keep it clear and balanced for health and wellness.

We all need a bit of this now!

Laura is offering virtual healing and has worked with clients as far away as Italy to help them align their energy.

Mention The Pulse when you book for special rates!

About Laura:

Laura Medina is a Registered Nurse and Nurse to the Soul. She has over 15 years of nursing
experience and is considered a specialist in Energy Medicine. Her holistic approach to helping clients heal is through working with the human energy field. She uses her hands in a
heart-centered and intentional way to help restore balance and harmony within the energy field, which helps accelerate the self-healing process.

Her philosophy of living and being is grounded in heart-centered consciousness. She believes
the bridge between science and spirituality is in the heart. The heart is the most powerful organ in the body. Its electrical field is 60 x greater than what the brain generates. To be
heart-centered is to perceive through the lens of love.

Lauravive was created as healing space for clients to receive energy therapy as a way to heal on a soul level. Laura is committed to your healing and personal transformation. ​The unique essence of Laura, Is one of pure love. This allows her to make the connection with higher frequency dimensional beings that are assisting humanity at this time of awakening and healing. With the higher frequency that she brings in you can expect a paradigm shift, deep soul healing, and miracles.

Laura also works as an operating room nurse, where she offers a peaceful, loving, healing presence to her patients, doctors, and surgical team before, during and after surgery.

Laura’s intention is always for the highest good of all. Offering love, peace and support to you on your healing journey. She is fulfilling her souls intention of helping to heal the planet. Spreading love as a way to bring peace and harmony to every living thing so that we are in unity.

About MarkShane:

Markshane Malone’s personal training career began with a wish for his mother’s health and a determination to change his own body image and the way he felt about himself. He turned to training himself first, setting goals and reaching them through perseverance. Friends and family saw the positive changes, resulting in healthy body and healthy attitude. 11 years ago, Markshane decided to turn his passion into his career and has been changing lives ever since.

Founded by personal trainer and author Markshane Malone, Shape Up Studio provides personal training services to individuals, small groups and corporations. With a team of highly sought after nationally certified trainers, Shape Up Studio is a fully equipped weight training and human performance center. Their mission is to help people live longer, happier lives by eliminating preventable diseases. They work with people to lose weight, feel better and gain confidence.

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