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Trilogy Financial & Little Lady Nail Polish

05 Aug 2020

written by Cindy Matalucci

Live show Friday July 31st:



Sponsored By:

Coffee Ambassador and Flax4Life!


The Pulse welcomed:

Windus Fernandez Brinkkord from Trilogy Financial Group as our financial expert!

We talk about financial concerns her clients are having during the pandemic.  Some of these concerns are learning about the Cares Act and The Secure Act and what this means to you.

Windus educates us on this as well as what you can do to borrow from your 401k or your IRA.  Very critical information for people needing to access these funds and how it can affect you.

We also speak about the importance of making your spouse the MVP of your financial team.

Windus gives us tips!!

Reach out to Windus directly:

Windus Fernandez Brinkkord, AIF®

Managing Vice President

12520 High Bluff Drive | Suite 140 | San Diego | CA | 92130

P: (858) 314-5169  | F: (858) 314-1092 | W:


We then welcome Arda Tashdjian from Little Lady Nail Polish to the show!

Meet Little Lady premium nail polish available in a spectrum of bright colors and tantalizing scents.

Developed by cosmetic manufacturing expert and Mom-Preneur Arda Tashdjian, Little Lady is the solution for parents and moms-to-be seeking a safer way to pamper.

Crafted to encourage creativity and play, each polish is kid-approved – designed with help from Tashdjian’s own 6-year old son and 4-year old daughter – and topped with a child-sized wearable pink or blue bow ring.

These are the perfect kiddy gift and so much fun for your littles to enjoy their very own color swabs! Even to have a little painting party with your friends!

PS: The Rock shared this line with his daughter! YASSS!!!!

Arda just came out with a new safe, non toxic remover as well.

It is a spray and made with soy!

Minicure Remover is a soy based nail polish remover which is very safe for little lady nails. It is Acentone free and also free of any harmful chemicals.

It’s mess- free, spill- free packaging makes it a favorite of all parents!

We love that her product is manufactured right here in the USA. Head over to her site to order and her prices start at $12.00 for the polish! We love it!


Cindy’s Dress is Resa from Rent the Runway!


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Uhm we loved having these two powerful local female entrepreneurs on our live show @littleladyproducts and @windus22 🎥💪🙏💖 here is some #bts fun and head over to the site to catch the replay

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