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The Detox Cottage

01 Sep 2020

written by Cindy Matalucci

Full experience Retreat package

Dara Rhodes
The Detox Cottage Vista

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Dara Rhodes

I have been following The Detox Cottage on Social Media for a year and was very intrigued to learn more about the holistic packages they offered at their gorgeous outdoor spa.

On a healing journey myself, I have been suffering from Inflammation in my body for years. Making my health a priority finally, I decided that it was time for me to take all the steps necessary for my health and vitality.

I finally had the perfect time to take some time off and relax so I booked Israel and I for a private couples detox session!

We were treated to a private day of rest and relaxation at the outdoor spa which is very quiet, peaceful, and intimate.

The whole day includes:
45 minutes to 1 hour in the infrared sauna, an ice bath for 3 minutes, deep skin cleaning and scrub, a Gua Sha massage, and fresh organic fruit and green juice!

My favorite treatment and what I was most looking forward to was the Gua Sha Massage treatment. I had read about this and seen a few posts on what it looked like. I knew it really helped with inflammation and I had tried cupping which is a similar concept.


Gua Sha is an ancient healing practice, recognized as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dara uses a round edged tool to repeatedly stroke or scrape the skin, sometimes causing raspberry like marks called ‘Sha’, which is not painful, but in some areas may be intense depending on your level of stagnation and toxicity in your blood.

These marks may last up to 5 days, but usually are gone in 3. (mine looked worse than they were)

Sha is stagnant blood and lymph (cellular waste, mucus, plaque, and fat) that comes to the surface of the skin when moved. This practice increases circulation by 400% and will move any stuck energy or stagnation under the skin and bring it to the surface to be digested and moved through the body. This surfacing triggers an amazing vibratory healing process that can heal the skin, lymph, fascia, muscles, organs, and bones. This gives the skin a younger and tighter look because of the increase in collagen and elastin production.

The immune system is completely rebooted after this practice making this an amazing healing method for colds and flu’s, and may get rid of it the same day! Muscle and joint pain will be immediately relieved because the inflammation has gone down, and we have moved some of the stuck acids, crystallized material, calcium deposits, micro plastics, mucus, and plaque, out of the body. Emotional traumas are stored in the body in physical form and this practice is a great way of releasing past traumas, there may be an emotional response after this healing session. Any stagnation causes obstruction in the body, which is what ultimately causes dis-ease, which is why this practice is so incredibly healing.

Everything in the body should be flowing smoothly like a river; blood, lymph, digestion, energy, emotions, etc. Gua Sha will bring back this flow and with it VITALITY.

Later that day my marks looked like this:

Israel absolutely loved the Ice Bath! It was 3 minutes in full ICE!!! I thought I would not be able to do it but it was very refreshing and I stayed in the entire time. Israel loved it so much he went in twice.

Can you see how focused I am on the cold water!

The Skin cleaning was amazing and Dara has her own unique recipe she prepares and uses for this.

The spa focuses on a day of deep cellular detoxification, regeneration and ultimately WHOLE body healing. Their treatments focus on the lymphatic system.

We highly recommend this place as a couples day, a girlfriends spa day, a retreat for you and your company or employees! It is the perfect gift of Self Love and self care or the perfect gift for that person in your life!!!

About Dara in her words:

Hi, my name is Dara, I have been studying health and wellness for 10 years now. I am currently studying to get my PhD in Holistic Health and Healing, at University of Natural Health, I’ve learned various healing methods throughout the years from school, research, books, doctors, mentors, gurus, and shamans, I have taken the most powerful and effective healing methods and put them together into a lifestyle where there can be NO dis-ease in the body.

In all my years of study I have learned one simple truth, Health is so simple, Dis-ease is so simple, Healing is so simple. It doesn’t take years of school, thousands of dollars, hundreds of books, or dozens of doctors to understand how the body works and how to heal ourselves. We tend to over complicate things, think too much, and confuse ourselves, which leads to bad decisions and eventually giving up. It’s about one thing, and one thing only; Remembering to be Human again.

The Human body in its natural state can NOT have dis-ease. We are not meant to suffer, and we shouldn’t have to. We are vibrant, blissful, loving beings with a purpose, and we need to honor our Human Nature.

Our services here at The Detox Cottage will help bring your body back into homeostasis, a state in which healing can begin. This is our most human state. Our retreats are a big day of relaxation, rejuvenation, and detoxification, something we all need from time to time. And best of all, its all outside in a dreamy oasis, allowing for a deeper alignment with nature, with health.

I am looking forward to meeting each and everyone one of you, you all inspire me so much to continue my practice and give back in as many ways as I can!

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