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Episode 49

06 Sep 2020

written by Cindy Matalucci

The Pulse Episode 49

Featuring Ashley Jacobs from Chic Execs and Be Like You Organization:

This episode of the Pulse was brought to you by Trilogy Financial Services:

We start our show in studio with our Lifestyle & TV expert Ashley Jacobs, showcasing some amazing ethical and sustainable brands we can shop and support.

Next we are on location for Camp Confidence, A Hula In The Park afternoon with Fetu and Sim, founders of Be Like You, a local non profit that helps prevent bullying.

Our Pulse on the Scene spotlights Dara Rhodes and the Detox Cottage in Vista!


We all know someone who has been bullied in their life and it is heart breaking.

We love local organization Be Like You Campaign and were honored to head out for a day of Hula instruction and confidence building.

Be Like you hosted Camp Confidence and had a Hula Lesson on Saturday August 15th at Stagecoach Community Park in Carlsbad.

A small group came together to experience the Joy of the Aloha spirit and learn hula dancing led by Cel Alohilani. Cel spoke about her story and challenges and how she overcame breast cancer and found joy through hula dancing which re-built her confidence and gave her so much joy!

We had a blast and felt very empowered after this day in the park!

Sim & Fetu are a 501(c)(3) grassroots sister team, passionate about Bully Prevention & Awareness. They create a positive “buzz” in their communities, cultivating education, encouragement and empowerment within our youth & communities how to increase awareness and share resources for bully prevention.

Sim and Fetu experienced bullying differently in ways that impacted each of their lives. Fetu was bullied verbally and physically including being pushed into lockers, being called names, and her parent’s home being vandalized, that would lead her to question her self-worth, her appearance and feel shame, which led her to change schools her senior year.

The true igniting reason why Be Like You®️ Inc. was launched is after Sim’s daughters had been bullied at school and cyber bullied. The cyber bullying eventually led to various meetings with the school and then because of the severity of the cyber bullying it progressed to involvement of law enforcement authorities.

This is when bullying changed their awareness and severity of bullying, igniting their passion to reduce bullying, the impact on mental health and affects.

They do not want anyone to feel alone and they believe through their educational programs/workshops, community support and positive brand message, We can ALL make a positive impact in prevention and awareness of bullying.


ChicExecs is an award-winning marketing agency that aims to be more than the traditional agency—they become part of your marketing department.

Their teams work together to strategize how they can take your brand to the next level with a multi-channel marketing plan including PR, retail strategy, social media, social media influencers, and digital marketing tactics.


We talk about Sustainability & Ethical production – feeling great about the brands you’re spending money with!

Ashley showcased some of her favorite brands including:

Revival Ice Cream:


Our Vision is to serve you delicious ice cream you can feel great about eating! Organic ice cream made from scratch in a sustainable, and thoughtful way using the freshest, in-season, locally sourced ingredients.

Our vision is for you to taste the love at the first bite.
Our purpose is to make a positive change in the world.

Our strawberry ice cream, available only in the summer is handmade using, locally grown organic strawberries; our honey is sourced from a local beekeeper in our home-town Monterey; refreshing mint from Carmel, and our herbs such as lavender and rosemary are grown right in our own backyard.

These seasonal ingredients inspire our innovative recipes. We offer limited-edition flavors based on holidays, available local ingredients, and seasonal favorites… as well as many popular flavors made year-round.

Shop and get Nationwide Delivery!!!

Ricante Hot Sauce:

Ricante’s mission is to provide a product that is enjoyed by all without creating waste to deliver our product. We achieve this by creating awareness of consumption and advise all that love Ricante to Reuse our hot sauce bottles and be good to our environment.

Our hot sauce is delivered to the marketplace through conscious packaging materials and a whole bunch of Radicalness.

Gluten free, keto friendly and YUMMY!

Buy on Amazon or in Whole foods locally!


At Scoria we believe that reconnecting with lost creativity as if we were children again enhances mental and physical well-being.

We create products that encourage grown ups embrace a youthful mindset such as playfulness, imagination, and story-telling. So, let’s rediscover who we were before the world told us who to be. #SparktheChildWithin

Shop their beautiful collections!  The kids collection is gorgeous.

Clean Republic:


We had already received an EPA endorsement of our Disinfectant + Sanitizer, for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as MRSA, HIV, and Norovirus.

When commercial cleaning companies wanted the same product that worked for hospitals, we delivered.
When homes and families wanted Clean Republic, we created a Home Strength All Purpose Cleaner for everyday use, On-the-Go formula, and Hand Cleanser.

Nokware Skincare:

Our founder’s great-grandmother was a beneficiary of generations of African women who passed on the wisdom of ages – how to make skincare products using traditional African herbs and oils.

Today, Nokware is a modern-day, African skincare brand. Inspired by Grandma’s wisdom, our goal is to promote the use of African herbs, oils and plants, which heal and protect us and can be found in different parts of Africa.

This fusion of traditional and modern-day knowledge is a part of our generational legacy, and it is a privilege to be able to share that heritage with the rest of the world.

We love their Shea butter!

Urban Hydration

About Urban Hydration:
Always having dry skin and dry hair led to multiple trips to the doctor’s office for Psyche & Vontoba. One day, while helping a local nonprofit raise money selling candles and spa gift baskets, Psyche challenged them to create products she could actually use to make her beauty routine more natural, more fun, healthier, and more affordable.

After introducing the collection to friends, family, and their own children, the Terry’s were inspired to share their love for clean beauty across the nation.

Today, millions of Urban Hydration products are sold in more than 7,000 retail doors across the nation. What’s fun and rewarding for Psyche & Vontoba is that they continue to give back to charity by making a donation for every product they sell! In 2018, Urban Hydration dedicated its first clean water drinking well to 300 Kenyan school children.

-Psyche Terry & Vontoba Terry, Founders

Hampton Road Designs:

Vintage Luxury, reimagined!

So, how did Hampton Road Designs begin? Quite simply, really….

In 2016, I was enjoying Christmas with my family and we began to chat over champagne about the year before and the year ahead. The year before was a particularly tough one, as we had lost our sweet father to cancer. This meant that my mom would need to sell the family home on Hampton Road in Austin, Texas because it was too much house for her to live in alone.

After some more champagne, sad reflection gave way to sunnier thoughts about the year ahead. Invariably, these thoughts involved Texas Longhorn Football. I had just learned that Texas was implementing a Clear Bag Policy. My brother, Jack, joked “How are you going to accessorize for gameday with a clear bag?” Fueled by champagne, I boasted “I guess I’ll have to make one pretty enough to qualify as an accessory.” The following morning, my husband Bruce, woke me with a Cheshire-Cat grin and some Alka Selzer and said, “I’ve done some research on clear bag policies and …..”

The rest is history.


Currently we are obsessed with the Gold Vinyl Annie Clear Purse!

Cindy’s dresses provided by Rent the Runway!

USE CODE: RTRFAM51763E9 to receive $100 off 2 months of RTR’s 2-Swapprogram (that’s $50 off each month!)

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