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Episode 52

13 Oct 2020

written by Cindy Matalucci

Episode 52

This episode of the Pulse was brought to you by Trilogy Financial Services:

For all your financial needs and Goals, Windus and her team have got you covered!

On Todays Episode:

We start our show in studio with Denise Arand Executive Vice President of Five Rings Financial. Denise’s passion is educating and empowering women with their finances and we find out more about her career and new book!

We are then on location for a special 2 part segment on World renowned Dog Psychologist, Cesar Millan.

We spent a few hours at his Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita,  CA talking with him about his new product, the Halo dog collar and much more.


Denise Arand
Executive Vice President – Five Rings Financial

President – Arand Agency, a division of Five Rings Financial

With over 23 years experience, Denise is a personal finance expert specializing in tax-free retirement and college funding planning, 401(k) and IRA strategies, as well as estate and legacy design. She is especially passionate about assisting those who have been traditionally underserved by the financial industry: women and middle-class Americans.

Denise is the proud founder of the educational and social networking event “Wine, Women and Wealth” with chapters in 40 states, which educates and empowers women to be more confident and successful with money, personal finance and building wealth.

She has also recently published a book: Wine, Women and Wealth, Inspirational Stories of Women Who Got Their Financial Act Together and How You Can Too.

Denise is absolutely passionate about raising women to more financial success through education. Women have not traditionally been taught about money, have not been encouraged to be in the money conversation, and frankly have been intimidated by money because learning about can seem so daunting.

She teaches about money mindset and money principles in a fun relaxed environment to create lasting change.

90% of women will have sole control of their money in their lifetime.
75% say that they have no idea what to do with it.

It is her mission to empower as many women as she can to be confident & successful with their finances.

Charity involvement
Denise is on the board of Leap to Success ~ their mission is to educate and empower women who are overcoming domestic violence, homelessness, and other major life challenges to reach their greatest potential. Their Vision is a world in which: Women acknowledge their own value and personal power, transform adversity into strength, and inspire others to do the same; Families are safe, healthy, and loving places for all members; and communities recognize, support, and value women, their voices, and their well-being.

Denise was so kind to offer our viewers a PROMO if they would like to work with her.

She will give a free half hour consultation away. (Go to the “contact” tab on the website and input their contact info with phone number with PulseSD in the subject line or mention PulseSD when you call. 

She also send you a free budget workbook, and the first 5 to contact her that way will get a free signed book.


Cesar Millan His Philosophy and The Halo!

Halo co-founded by world-renowned dog psychologist Cesar Millan, makes its world debut. Halo is the first and only smart collar with smart fences, intuitive training, and GPS location in one, designed with Cesar Millan’s time-tested expert dog training methodology in mind. The collar is now available for shipping and can be purchased online at

“We created this technology after a family member lost a dog who was hit by a passing car,” says Ken Ehrman, founding and managing partner. “This problem is all too familiar. Our goal with Halo is to eliminate this worry and fear for good.”

Halo is a 4-in-1 smart dog system built on a mission of “no more lost dogs” and designed with three main goals: safety, communication, and freedom. The Halo Collar offers four capabilities, making it a first for the industry: 1- the Halo Smart Fence; 2- Expert Cesar Millan Training; 3- Real-Time Activity Tracking; and 4- Best-in-Breed GPS Technology.

Millan says: “10 million dogs are lost each year in the US alone. With Halo, we give you the peace of mind that your dog is safe before an accident can happen. Combined with my step-by-step 21-day dog training program, the Halo System will teach people to have the best relationship with their dogs, while automatically keeping them safe in any location.

Halo’s Smart Fence feature allows users to create fully-closed virtual safe areas that allow your dog to safely roam off-leash inside the Halo Fences you create. Halo’s installation-free Smart Fences make the best in safety accessible to pet owners everywhere—even if they aren’t homeowners. Whether in the yard, at the dog park, at the beach, or on an adventure, Halo provides freedom and safety in any location. Unlike other virtual dog fences, which can only alert pet owners after their dog is unsafe, Halo Smart Fences are stored within the Halo Collar itself and work autonomously to provide perfectly-timed guidance that keeps dogs safely inside the fences.

“Halo is designed to let your dog live a life unleashed,” says Michael Ehrman, founding partner. “Thanks to Cesar’s vision and expertise, this technology can communicate with dogs in a language they intuitively understand. We designed Halo as both a technical innovation and amazingly intuitive approach to dog safety.”

With Cesar’s dog psychology expertise and Halo’s safety tech, dog owners learn how to keep their four-legged companions as safe as possible, in the most intuitive way.

Priced at $999, Halo has a number of financing options available for three month, six month, and 12 month terms. In addition, Halo currently offers early adopters to purchase the Halo Collar for $300 off. For more information or to purchase a Halo, visit

About Halo
Combining smart technology with Cesar Millan’s expert dog psychology, Halo provides the world’s greatest all-in-one smart fence, tracking, and training solution, making it the world’s most effective smart collar system for dogs. Built on a mission of “no more lost dogs,” the Halo Collar offers safety, communication, and freedom for dogs and their owners alike, designed to build a better world for dogs. Founded in 2020, Halo is headquartered in Plano, Texas with offices across the nation. To find out more about the world’s most complete safety and training solution or to purchase one today, visit

Cesar also has a new show in the works he is casting for on Nat Geo! We cannot wait to see him again!

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