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Episode 59

19 Jan 2021

written by Cindy Matalucci

Episode 59:

January 21st 2021

This episode of the Pulse was brought to you by Trilogy Financial Services:

For all your financial needs and Goals, Windus and her team have got you covered! For more information on Trilogy Financial and how to work with Windus, you can go to

On Todays Episode:

We start our show in studio with Daneshia Lynch, Founder and Head Chef at Drunk N’ Shots and talk to her about her inspiring story and empire she is building.

We are then on location at Sugar Sweet Farm in Encinitas, CA where we introduce you to Elizabeth and Sissy Sugarman.

We end our show with our special Explore San Diego Safely segment, where we take you to some of the best outdoor locations in our gorgeous city!

Daneshia Lynch:

We love inspirational stories and spotlighting the business owners that learned ti pivot during covid and really shine! We sit down with Daneshia Lynch who started her catering company in 2016 in New York when she needed a side hustle to provide for her kids without needing to rely on anyone for help.

With $35.00 in bank account at the time at the time she has literally turned the baking industry on it’s head and created a successful empire going nationwide! She also gives our viewers some amazing advice to never give up on their dreams!

You can shop all of her amazing products here:

Sugar Sweet Farm:

After the tough year we all had in 2020, I literally decided there is NO time like the present to really check off the things you are dying to do on the Bucket List! For me, yoga with baby goats was on the top of the list and luckily I found Sugar Sweet Farm on instagram so that I could book my class!

Sugar Sweet Farm is A family-run, organic hobby farm in Encinitas, California with some pretty amazing animals and private events. We highly recommend them!!!

Explore San Diego Safely:

With Covid-19 and it’s resurgence here in San Diego, we feel it is important to spotlight the safe, outdoor adventures and beauty we have here in our city! Things that you can do with your friends and family to help with mental and physical well being.

We think Hiking in Nature is one of those things and we take you to Mt. Woodson and Potato chip rock through Lake Poway!

This is a 7.6 Mile hike with beautiful views and the perfect selfie opportunity at the end.

Lake Poway PARKING IS FREE during the week- (weekends and holidays it’s $10.00 for non- Poway residents)

Getting there:
From Espola Road go to the Lake Poway entrance. On weekdays access to Lake Poway is free. On weekends, for non-Poway residents, the fee is $10.00 for all day. The lake and park are very clean and a well maintained.

Take the lake trail to the east side where the trailhead is clearly marked about .5 mile from the dock going counter clockwise around the lake. You can picnic afterwards outside!

It is so important for us to bring you inspiring content and stories, so reach out to us for an opportunity be spotlighted!

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