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Chic Execs Valentine’s Segment

03 Feb 2021

written by Cindy Matalucci

Friday January 29th: Valentine’s Day Must Haves!

Valentine’s Day Essentials with Chic Execs!

Special Valentine’s Day Segment with “MUST HAVE” items from the ladies at Chic Execs Public Relations.

Valentines Day is Coming and we are so thankful to have our PR specialists, Kristen Wessel and Courtney Bustillos from Chic Execs here to help us pick the best products/gift for that special day!

The items spotlighted:

Little Love Jar!

Little Love Jar offers the ability to bottle up the most powerful and essential gift of all — love — in its purest form. Combining the convenience of technology and the sincerity of the lost art of letter writing, Little Love Jar is a timeless, uplifting gift that lasts a lifetime.

Inside each Jar are messages from all your loved ones. So the person giving the gift has sent a simple link out to the receiver’s family and friends, coworkers, and everyone has written a sweet, thoughtful note to the receiver.

Candles and home decor items

Broken Top candle company: candles/linen spray, lotions

Offering hand-crafted sustainable and eco conscious luxury bath, body and home products, Broken Top utilizes only natural and organic materials.

They are mindfully sourced to be renewable and recyclable, free of parabens and gluten as well as vegan. Their candles incorporate all-natural cotton and cotton core wicks that are lead and zinc free.
Every scent is very unique!

Take your pick from dreamy florals, invigorating fresh tones and adventurous woodsy scents,

Ethical gains: Sea Witch Botanicals

Hermitage incense from Sea Witch Botanicals features an intimate blend of patchouli, citrus, and lavender, perfect for a romantic night in for Valentine’s Day!

Do you adore the smoky sensual mystique of incense, but hate the migraine?
Sea Witch Botanicals presents a complete line of All-Natural, Essential Oil based, Air-Purifying Incense.

We love that the products are good for you and the environment with their compostable and recyclable packaging and even paper shipping tape!

Inspired by the natural hideout of legend, Hermitage incense is an intimate experience.
You can use this incense when you need to connect with grounding energy.

It is all about the connection to the earth!
Price: $10 for 25 sticks

Waxing Kara:

Waxing Kara grew organically from Kara Brooks founder’s work as an artist, as she painted with beeswax, and in 2010, she started beekeeping to harvest wax for her paintings! She learned about the importance of bees to our planet’s sustainability and the preciousness of honey and it inspired her to expand and create delicious honey lollipops and skin-loving bath and beauty goods.

The Hex Hive Candle, is the first vessel in her new line of sustainable candles.

Crafted by a dedicated team of artisans, the Hex Hive Candle combines a long-burning formula and lingering fragrances that spreads love and sparks joy each and every time it is lit.

Available in three most popular fragrances: Forest, Honey, and Lavender.
Unlike any candle you’ve had in your home before!
Pure Luxury!!!
Price: $125

Local Niche

How to support a local store with great items and vendors and feel good giving a great gift!

Shopping local is more important than ever as many San Diego businesses are trying to stay afloat during this pandemic. Now, there’s a simple way that’s super fun for Valentine’s Day, and you’ll be supporting the local economy in the process.

Visit Local Niche, a multi-vendor marketplace where local artisans sell their goods collectively under the same roof (a great concept to reduce retail overhead).

With three central locations throughout the county (Carlsbad, Mission Valley, and UTC), shoppers have the convenience of supporting more than 80 local artisans.

Shop for jewelry, skin care, artwork, clothing, and more.

Food and Drink:

Rooted in Raw A plant based meal delivery service

Have a healthy Valentines Day meal delivered right to your door stop! Rooted In Raw was founded by whole food chef and san diego local, Kaitlyn Kinder!

Kaitlyn is a plant-based chef, yoga instructor, and self-proclaimed foodie, Kaitlyn is on a mission to help San Diegans eat better.

Rooted In Raw offers a weekly local meal service and monthly raw food cleanses as well as caters to intimate yoga and meditation retreats, events, and private gatherings.

The focus of her growing business is to offer San Diegans meals that heal, cleanse, and nourish.

She is offering a 3 day raw food cleanse for locals at the rate of $275.00

You can follow Kaitlyn’s clean eating journey on her instagram: @rootedinraw

Nujo Superfood beverage

If Coffee and Tea had a BABY it would be NUJO!
Nujo is a coffee alternative that gives you a natural energy boost in the morning without the caffeine crash later.

Nujo is plant based, sugar free, caffeine free, gluten free, low carb, 10 calories and comes as a grind for your coffee maker, cold brew bottles, or k-cup package!

Made from 6 ingredients: roasted quinoa (high in protein and contains 9 essential amino acids), chicory root (like a coffee consistency, has inulin, which is a prebiotic fiber and herbal remedy), all spice (reduces digestive issues), orange peel (packed with Vitamin C), coconut oil (your energy boost!) and cloves (helps digestion!)

For Mommas and Families!

Hugomat: BABY MAT

Hugomat can be moved from room to room with one hand, because often as a parent you find yourself holding a baby with one hand and only have one left to do all the things a mom needs to do —like open baby bottles, pick up toys, write emails on your phone.

Hugomat is focused on sustainable and ethical practices. They care about every part of their mat, from where the cotton is grown to the environmental impact of their packaging!
Made with Organic cotton and recycled hemp which we love.

This can be used as a portable baby mat for play time, tummy time and nap time. Handcrafted, with a 100% cotton quilted surface and 1 inch thick natural latex foam insert, Hugomat is breathable, hypoallergenic, and has just the right amount of cushion. With handles and a little pocket, it travels from place to place in one hand. Because sometimes you only have one hand!

Price: $185.00

Pretty Plum Boutique:

A premium kids and mom boutique where the owner is a seamstress and creates the majority of her lines – including the matching outfits and accessories and even the cloth shoes!

Her designs are one-of-kind and you won’t find them anywhere else!
She only uses top of the line quality materials because she believes that clothing, especially for kids, needs to be durable because you want them to get the most out of wearing them!

She uses several materials including a cotton/spandex blend, and bamboo.

Her best sellers include: Womens joggers, mommy and me dresses, the regalen (pronounced reg-a-len) sweaters, and the big bows and beanie hats!


For Our Animals!

Animal Essentials:

Give your pets the gift of comfort and relaxation this Valentine’s Day with Animal Essentials premium herbal supplements. This is great for dogs with separation anxiety!

Animal Essentials unique in that it offers a NEW Super Hemp Oil.

Formulated by leading herbalist, Greg Tilford, Super Hemp Oil is produced from hemp plants that have been bred to produce high percentages of naturally-occuring CBD without potentially harmful THC.
Animal essentials is independently tested for more than 300 pesticides/herbicides and is farmed and harvested under strict European eco-certification farming practices.
Price: $48 (1 fl. oz.); $96 (2 fl. oz.)

Tag us if you purchase one of these items and let us know what you think!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

About Chic Execs:

ChicExecs offers what most traditional marketing agencies do not by creating a multi-channel marketing plan that includes adding social media, influencer marketing, digital marketing ad campaigns, and retail strategy to the overall PR efforts.

ChicExecs provides the recipe for success in your growing network and continues to service industry leaders around the country. We have a passion for giving back and have partnered with organizations such as Compassion International, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Icing Smiles, Casa Teresa, and more.

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