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Vignettes Decor

21 Feb 2021

written by Cindy Matalucci

4828 Newport Ave 92107
Ocean Beach, CA

Lori Chandler/Owner

Follow them on Instagram: @vignettesdecor
Phone: 619-222-9244

Shop Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 10:30am to 5:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am to 5:00pm

Vignettes is located in the seaside community of Ocean Beach and has been a staple in San Diego since 1995.

Step inside this exclusive, vintage home décor shop and experience the allure and timeworn appeal of well-traveled, pieces with a past.

I have literally been shopping here for over 20 years and I cannot get enough of it! I leave with something fabulous every time I visit!

Light, airy and always evolving, with soft French music playing and edited vignettes of vintage furnishings and faded accessories, these carefully orchestrated settings, what the French call, “Le Mix”, are not only the soul of their business but what sets Vignettes apart from other stores!

For over 20 years, Vignettes has been known for its’ unique style and highly defined settings of vintage and antique home and garden décor.

Filming on location

Through the years the shop has focused on tracking down the most one-of-a-kind, show-stopping finds and then merchandising these grand pieces of the past, into irresistible, must-have displays.

The staging is something you have NEVER seen before.

They have something for everyone with one of a kind décor ranging from industrial, French country, rustic, architectural, mid-century or bohemian décor!

Matt from Jet Set Labratories curates his pieces in the “Mad Scientist/Mad Men” area and also makes many of these unique items by hand. He will take pieces that need work and completely restore them!

A new area in the store is “the Loft By Vignettes,” curated and designed by Tina Resendez, who has been with Vignettes since 2000.

It is phenomenal and was inspired by Tina’s love of loft spaces and also her love of all things French and Pink.

She shopped for all of these amazing pieces all along the California Coast for clients to purchase!

They literally travel the world to find the pieces, the designs and the inspiration – and you will not find these pieces anywhere else! Believe me!

You can watch Tina and Matt live on instagram every Monday at 11am as they showcase the store and the new items they have in! (you can buy right from instagram, they will hold your order!) YESSSSS!!!

My favorite things here are the beautiful selection of chandeliers they have always on hand, and the beautiful vintage jewelry that is elegant, timeless, and priced extremely well.

They even have a great selection of clip on earrings which I buy all the time!

I really love the story behind Vignettes, and the passion owner Lori and her team have for what they do.

Lori was inspired by her Mother Mary, who encouraged Lori at a young age to become immersed in all things French! She even called her by her name in French (“Laurette”) from 7th grade on! Lori has made her store a tribute to her Mom and I love it!

Check them out and let us know what you think and As Lori would say, “Vive La Vintage!”

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