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Josh Blevins Lowrider Tattoo

18 Mar 2021

written by Cindy Matalucci

Joshua Blevins from Lowrider Tattoo
@Joshuablevins on Instagram
Lowrider Tattoo Studios
16014 Harbor Blvd, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

So This year is all about the bucket list and making time for the adventures I have been wanting to partake in for quite some time. There is no time like the present to experience those things that you are dying to do!

I have been wanting a phoenix tattoo for some time with the saying “Still I rise….” after it. I decided to hit up my friend Joshua Blevins from Low Rider Tattoo in Orange County California.

My inspiration for the tattoo

Josh is an awesome tattoo artist and we have been talking for at least 2 years about working together on a tattoo.

Josh is very serious about his profession and wants to deliver the best work he can everyday! He is so great to work with and I highly recommend him! He makes the process easy and fun!

So it took me 2 years to do this because I got really busy not making time for myself, but today, that changed!

I had originally wanted a different tattoo but the last year with covid, made me realize just how strong and resilient I was and the phoenix was just something I was drawn to.

Check out the Behind the scenes fun and the process of getting my amazing tattoo.

We show you the process from start to finish!

Check out Josh on Instagram @joshuablevins to book an appointment with him!

About Low Rider Tattoo:

The evolution and impact of tattooing can be traced throughout human history, from the ancient civilizations, to the underworld of Japan, to the first American sailors and all cultures around the globe. A tradition of expression through a creative process with permanence has carried through to our identity in this contemporary, yet timeless form of art.

Lowrider Tattoo Studios embodies this same tradition, rooted in the black and grey fine line style. Spawned from the streets and prisons of California as the foundation, it has been refined and perfected between the collaborative relationship of the artist and client of today. Founder Jose Lopez utilized this concept and technique in mastering this craft that started a journey over 20 years ago, which has since been passed on through the generations in and beyond the industry of tattooing.

Recognized internationally as one of the greatest tattoo shops in the world, Lowrider Tattoo Studios has made its mark in elevating today’s tattoo experience. It has earned over 150 awards worldwide and is continuing to excel beyond the standard of quality, transforming the stigma of tattoo into a true global art movement that is reflected in all social structures of our society. It is through our clients and collectors from all walks of life: past, present and future, that we continue to witness the evolution of a dream that is taking tattooing to new heights.

We love the decor and the vibe here! Yes, they even have a chandelier!

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