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Episode 62

22 Mar 2021

written by Cindy Matalucci

The Pulse Episode 62

Brought to you by Flax4life

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On Todays Episode:

We start our show in studio with Tiffany Williams, Director of Black out Fashion Week. She talks to us about this amazing project and event she brought to San Diego for the first time.

We are then on location at Orange Theory Fitness in Carmel Valley with Elite Networking Group, a local organization making moves in our community.

We end our show with our Mommy influencer & lifestyle expert Ali Levine, who brings us a segment on Self Love and all the amazing products you need to create the best environment for you!

Segment one:

We were so excited to sit down with Tiffany Williams the director of Black Out Fashion week to share her story and her inspiration for this amazing fashion show.

Black Out Fashion Week is a chance for Black designers and creatives to be seen and celebrated!

We think it’s about time.

For more information on Black Out Fashion Week and how to watch this event on line and purchase your ticket, you can go to:
The ticket is $20.00 and Valid for 6 months
You do not want to miss this it is amazing!

Segment two:

Ok so you know how much we love supporting local businesses, many of you may not know this but I run a women’s networking group I founded in the corporate world many years ago, called Elite Networking.

The basis of the group is to provide resources to local female entrepreneurs as well as build a network of amazing women and spotlight their business among the members.

We have been virtual for almost a year, but we are hosting small micro events safely and we did a brunch and burn at Orange Theory in Carmel Valley, with a one hour intense workout followed by brunch!

Segment Three:

We know how important self love is, now more than ever.

Mommy influencer and TV expert, Ali Levine shows us how to create an abundance for self, true happiness, and how to be better versions of ourselves for 2021 with some pretty amazing products!

Products included:

Developed by modern alchemist Adora Winquist who has spent over twenty years supporting others to find physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing

The Elixirs 4 Quantum Living collection are a first-of-its-kind nano-based elixir combining expert-blended pure essential oils, CBD, with vibrational medicine.

These expert blends are:
Water-soluble, fast-absorbing
Fully nano-emulsified blend
Highest grade essential oils
Vibrational infusions plus CBD
All with an immediate response to elevate your life in every way: emotional balance, mental clarity, physical vibrancy, and spiritual awakening.

Where to buy:
$44.00 EA or $122 for all 3

Uplifting your emotions. Balance your energy. Awaken your creativity.
Bright and earthy aromas of blood orange and patchouli stir the remembrance of the warm and joyful days of summer

Energy Elixir:
Invigorating your emotions, energizing your body. Clear your mind.
Energizing aromas ginger and cardamom with the likeness of a warm Indian chai tea.

Sleep Elixir:
Relax your body. Quiet your mind. Calm your emotions.
Calming aromas of lavender and clary sage evoke richness of a sweet wooded forest.

Second product: Beauty:

Undone Beauty:

Undone was created to offer luxury quality products that do more for less. Their unique makeup products are designed to create flawless every day looks on a range of skin tones – and easily build for sultry nights or your favorite look of the moment.

Trusted, natural ingredients are infused in every formula to add skincare benefits with every use (and they did not forget about your lashes either!). Their brushes include patent-pending innovations that bring out the best in our products – and you. Everything is always clean, cruelty-free with vegan options.

Benefits and perks:
Price affordable for all
Actually affordable $15 not 45 like most clean beauty
Coconut water Tea Tree castor oil
Ingredients people are familiar with and work!
Inclusive to all
Cruelty free

Now available at Target!

Check out website and Store locator – to find where or shop online at target and search Undone Beauty

Bettering Ourselves Third Segment:

Nicole Seawell – Enneagram course and master time course

Why to do this course:

– Life isn’t one size fits all. We are not all the same person, so following good meaning but ill fitting advice isn’t a solution to the overwhelm of life. Rather when we invest to know ourselves – what makes our tick and how we can thrive – we are better in all our roles. We are more effective leaders, compassionate community members, patient parents and forgiving partners.

– The Enneagram is a motivation system that helps us to recognize our best qualities, challenges and when we get triggered. We then are less likely to be triggered or stay in a challenged state long.

– We are not communicating or interacting with ourselves. If everyone was like us, there would be no miscommunication, misunderstanding or friction. Understand yourself and live the most skilled version of you to accomplish more of what you want, experience more day to day joy and honor those that mean the most to you.

– Self awareness is the ultimate in self love. Learn what motivates you and when you work best, and then enjoy the simplicity of less pressure, more effective results and happier interactions.

-You deserve to live your version of the sweet life!

– Master Time Course – mastering time, finding where you thrive the most time wise and what time of day that is and creating pockets for that



Cindy’s outfit by Jennafer Grace Collection:

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