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Jennafer Grace Collection

22 Mar 2021

written by Cindy Matalucci

Live Show March 12th

Sponsored by Flax4life and Coffee Ambassador:

We welcome Jennafer Grace Carter from Jennafer Grace Collection for a fun Fashion Segment.


IG: @jennafergracious

About Jennafer:

Jennafer Grace is an independent designer from San Diego, CA. Known for her bohemian, versatile designs and “everyday luxe” vibes, Jennafer is proud to be a job creator by manufacturing 100% of her line in Southern California.

Follow along for weekly new arrivals and live stream sample sales at

“Everyday Luxe handmade here in San Diego.”

She produces Limited edition runs, very unique clothes, caftans, pajamas that you can wear out and are gorgeous….Kimonos, you name it:

She has a timeless, funky eye!  Very Almost Famous!

We do a fun fashion show of some of her hottest looks that you need now!

We loved this Palm Springs ready look, I mean it’s all about the caftan!

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PULSE15 for 15% off


I  am rocking the Leopard Duster which is $92.00

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