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Jai Jus and 6 Degrees

16 Jun 2021

written by Cindy Matalucci

Live show Friday June 11th:

We welcomed Randy Delue and Ingrid Meza from Jai Jus!

This dynamic couple just opened Jai Jus in the East Village after a year of hard work and construction and we are telling you all about it!

Jai Jus is Vegan food, pressed juices, & smoothies and is located at 470 15th Street San Diego, CA 92101

We love that their juices are Gluten free, vegan, no GMO, & Dairy free! They are also cold pressed which makes a huge difference in the quality of their juice!

They are currently serving açaí bowls for the patrons!

About Ingrid Meza:
Ingrid Meza was born in Mexico but her family moved to Central America when she was a baby. There, Ingrid developed her passion for swimming and exercising in the water. Additionally, being the only daughter, she spent time in the kitchen learning how to prepare meals by helping her mother.

Ingrid attended the UABC University in Ensenada where she studied marine biology. After her four daughters were born, Ingrid moved to San Diego where she worked as an aqua therapy instructor for the KROC Center. Ingrid made many friends with her clients and often would celebrate their successes by bringing them food she had made.

Additionally, she has compassion for all living creatures and it is this belief that made her transition to veganism possible. She sees animals place on this earth as living with humans, rather than for them.
Her creative way of combining unique fruits and vegetables, gives her foods flavors that most people have yet to experience. Just ask Randy about her cooking ability. “She has the Midas touch. Whatever she makes tastes incredibly delicious!”

About Randy DeLue:
Randy is a graduate of San Diego State University and has over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness field. He was the owner of two health clubs, one in the San Francisco Bay Area and the other in San Diego.
Randy holds certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, and from the Arthritis Foundation as an aquatherapy coach. He maintains a membership in the International Health Racquet and Sports Association as he continues to stay abreast of current methodologies to attain optimal health.

Randy’s passion for wellness has brought him to form a new company in 2018. He and his wife are the founders of Jai Fusion, a plant based food company with an emphasis on international vegan cuisine. “We want the world to eat better and feel better!” Through diet and exercise, Randy believes, many of today’s common diseases can be curtailed.

We also welcome back Kristi Norton from 6 Degrees!

Kristi talks to us about what is happening with this amazing organization and about their grand Re-opening event!


About 6 Degrees:

We believe one of our basic human needs is to connect and belong to a community. At 6º, being socially connected is a lifelong passion. Our mission is to connect our community with valuable, long-lasting business relationships that enrich business and lives.

As a membership organization, we host over 500 meetings a year all in an effort to fulfill our mission. Through networking events, 6° Referral Groups and 6° Peer Advisory Groups for C-Level executives, 6º provides opportunities not found elsewhere.

The true value of NETWORKING isn’t measured by the number of people you meet, it is measured by the TRUST and RELATIONSHIPS you build with the RIGHT PEOPLE.


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