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Live With Cindy

27 Sep 2021

written by Cindy Matalucci

The Pulse Live with our new format!

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Friday, September 24th

Sponsored By: Flax4life and Coffee Ambassador

Topics Covered:

The HOT spot you need to see and hit up!!!  Instagram photo ops yes!

Maya Moon Collective:

San Diego’s 1st cacao Cafe and collective and the first brick and mortar store for founder Kathryn Rogers.

My choice: I had the Mind and Body drinking cacao with Ecuadorian Cacao, coconut milk, lions mane, rose, lavender and maple syrup.  It was delicious.

Owner Kathryn Rogers is working with Pastry Chef Edna Carol Mawhinny on their curated menu which is very unique.

I  tried the carrot lox on a gluten free bagel, and it is Better than LOX! It has  cashew cream cheese, carrot lox, pickled red peppers, onions, capers, and microgreens.

We love the 1500 square feet outdoor patio space to eat and drink!

3349 Adams Avenue

San Diego, CA 92116


Tues–Thur 10 am – 6 pm
Fri–Sat 10 am – 10pm
Sun 10 am – 6 pm

411 Weekend Recap
Featuring Cosmecon2021 at Parkway Plaza

  • Parkway Plaza, El Cajon’s premier shopping destination, is hosting the 2021 nationwide beauty summit series, CosmeCon. 
  • Celebrating local communities, female entrepreneurs, self-care, and beauty at Parkway Plaza, the event took place on Saturday, September 18 from 11am to 3pm. 
  • This beauty-defined-by-you event offers attendees the opportunity to join empowering women like Las Mamacitas and Channel 933’s Geena the Latina, along with a full Q&A  panel starting at 12:30 pm featuring Founder and Host of The Wine & Chisme Podcast (@thewineandchisme), Jessica Yanez and Founder of The Pulse San Diego, Cindy Matalucci. 
  • Offerings  included a meet and greet with the teams behind some of the most popular brands, like Sephora and Ulta, a braid bar, VIP lounges – and of course, Instagrammable moments for guests to engage with!  
  • All proceeds for CosmeCon will be donated to the Positive Movement Foundation, a local charity supporting every child to have equitable access to educational tools and opportunities to enable their success. 

News segment on The Four

Vignettes Decor and their 26th Anniversary Celebration in Ocean Beach

Light, airy and always evolving, with soft French music playing and edited vignettes of vintage furnishings and faded accessories, these carefully orchestrated settings, what the French call,  “Le Mix”, are not only the soul of their business, and what we do best, but this is what sets them apart.

For over 26 years, Vignettes has been known for its’ unique style and highly defined settings of vintage and antique home and garden décor. Through the years the shop has focused on tracking down the most one-of-a-kind, show-stopping finds and then merchandising these grand pieces of the past, into irresistible, must-have displays. From sophisticated to whimsy, small accents to grand statements, we seek to find the ultimate, one of a kind décor that will delight and amaze you. Whether you’re looking for industrial, French country, rustic, architectural, mid-century or bohemian décor – they travel the world to find the pieces, the designs and the inspiration – that you won’t find anywhere else to give your home that au courant edge.

The French say “Entourez-vous avec ce que vous aimez”…Surround yourself with that which you love. Their belief is, when you surround yourself with vintage pieces and uncommon goods, ones that you feel a connection with, not only will you create your own signature look, but your home will always stand apart with unsurpassed style. In today’s cookie cutter world, choosing vintage and antique over mass-produced assures unparalleled, one-of-a-kind decor that will put the soul into your interiors and turn the place you live into the home you love.

Vive La Vintage!  YESSS!

Vignettes: 4828 Newport Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107
Phone: 619-222-9244

Fashion FIXX: Moment:

Spotlighting Hunt and Gather in North Park and their fabulous selection of vintage clothes!


They carry vintage, new and up-cycled clothing, accessories, art and more!

The prices are very reasonable and the selection is amazing.  Owner Zoe and store manager Dani curate the store and hand pick the items.  They never disapoint!

Our pick: Pretzel Bag is off the Hook:

Hunt & Gather

3817 Ray St, SD, CA 92104

MON – SUN | 12am – 6pm
(Give or take an hour)

(619) 297-3040

TikTok Trend of the Week and how to go viral…Autumn Filter and how to use it!


Cindy’s Soap Box, What’s she wigging out about Now!!

Topic: Freedom of choice:

My soapbox, We live in this country because we have the freedom!  The right to choose and our rights from the constitution and I  feel like that is being taken away from us now.

When it comes to our bodies, whether it is a vaccine or an abortion, I  feel like the government  should NOT be involved in this decision.  I  am not anti-vaxx but I do not feel I  should be mandated to get a vaccine by the government especially since whether I  am vaccinated or not, I  can still transmit the disease/covid-19. I  feel the same with abortion and the Texas Abortion Law really rubs me the wrong way!  

I  do not condone using this as birth control but I do not feel someone else should be able to tell me what I  can do with my body!  We are all different and have our own beliefs and we need to educate everyone so they make the best decision for themselves.  We should have our own choice….RISE UP!  Let’s do something about this!

The events that you cannot miss coming up and much much more.

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