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Episode 77

21 Dec 2021

written by Cindy Matalucci

Episode 77

This episode of the Pulse was brought to you by Windus Fernandez-Brinkkord from Trilogy Financial Services.

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On Todays Episode:


We start our show with an exclusive interview with Montee Tayion Holland CEO and creator of the Tayion Collection.

We then sit down in studio with Jacylyn Stokes creator and founder of La Belle Nue Wine to discuss her path to winemaking and her 2020 Rose’.

We end our show with an exclusive interview with Abby Ross, Author of The Poop Diaries.

Tayion Collection Segment:

Montee Tayion Holland is the President and CEO of the Tayion Collection. He is a Detroit, Michigan, native and Marine Corps veteran who will often describe his clientele as Renaissance men.

That descriptor is also an accurate portrayal of Holland himself. He is a self-made businessman who left a job at Pfizer to step out on faith to begin designing.

In 2003, Holland had his first successful showing at the Las Vegas Magic Garment Industry Convention. Holland has since created an international brand that successfully distributed in excess of $40M in merchandise.

The brand also has a notable repertoire of patrons including business professionals, public dignitaries and celebrities.

We get the scoop on all things Tayion with Montee.

For more information on where to purchase Tayion and T-Fusion Collections, please visit, and and follow them on Instagram, and Facebook,

Segment on La Belle Nue:

About Jacylyn in her words:

As a fourth-generation Lodi grape farmer, wine has always been in my blood.

I was raised in a vineyard and spent my happiest days playing in the dirt. And who needs Malibu Barbie’s Jeep when you have a Quantum grape harvester to play with?

Going to work with my dad and grandpa, I attempted to learn all there was to know about my family’s business and the industry I knew I would one day enter.

I loved my family and my life but, as it does to so many of us small town kids, the world told me to “get out”, “break free” and experience life “out there”. So I did.

In 2008 I moved to Seattle and pursued a Bachelor’s degree at University of Washington before going to work in corporate America. But the work I was told should make me happy only left me wanting more out of life. Finally, I decided that it was time to do the bravest thing I could…be myself. In 2018, I moved to Dijon, Burgundy to pursue my dream education – an MBA in Wine & Spirits.

…it was time to do the bravest thing I could…be myself.

In the heart of one of the world’s most prestigious wine regions, I began to live the career and life I could never have imagined for myself. I was finally on the right path, my path. I never thought that path would lead me from France back to Lodi.

I’ve had people tell me I was crazy for leaving France behind for my family, but in my mind, nothing is crazier than not following your heart.

She just bottled a new vintage you can order now!

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Segment on Abby Ross:


One night, my toilet clogged and it inspired me to write a book. I spent the next two years interviewing plumbers – men and women – across North America. In February 2020, my book, “ThePoop Diaries” was released on and was listed as a #2 top new release (very fitting) in the humor and business section. It became a #1 best seller and has received hundreds of positive reviews. My publisher is Black Rose Writing.

“The Poop Diaries” features stories from plumbers about their “greatest hit” service calls, and the oddest, most interesting people they have met. I interviewed plumbers who have found snakes, sex toys, weapons, ghosts, mice, drugs, squirrels and so much more. They have also met plenty of interesting, unforgettable people, such as a guy who refused to get out of theshower while the plumber fixed the shower drain, or a woman who refused to get out of bed as the plumber changed the air conditioner unit directly above her. One female plumber even broke up a marriage after what she had found in a client’s home. A 91-year-old woman asked a plumber if he wanted to see her “little titties.”

While the book is funny, it also brings humanity to a profession not many of us think about – plumbing. Plumbers see us in our most vulnerable moments yet we know next to nothing aboutthem. Plumbing is also a profession that is misunderstood. It’s lucrative, creative and entrepreneurial. Plumbers are unsung heroes, and the book includes heartfelt stories about how they have helped those in need.

“The Poop Diaries” was released on It was listed as a #2 top new release (very fitting) in the humor and business section and went on to become a #1 best seller that has received hundreds of positive reviews to date. Its publisher is Black Rose Writing.

Cindy’s Look:

Dress by Rent The Runway, Slate & Willow, boots Jeffrey Campbell

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