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2022 New Year

10 Jan 2022

written by Cindy Matalucci

New Year New Shows!!!

Sponsored by Windus Fernandez-Brinkkord from Trilogy Financial Services!


We Recap 2021 and bid it adieu! SEE YA!

We then welcome 2022!!!

We talk the meaning behind the number 222 what it means for this Year! It is an Angel number!

We break it all down for you live!

Our theme for 2022 is to be Grateful and wake up each morning with a grateful heart!!! Our team talks about the rituals we are doing to stay happy and balanced!

We show you one of the Christmas presents Israel gave me and how I am obsessed with it!

It is the HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna!

This Infrared Sauna Blanket detoxifies the body, relaxes the mind, boosts your mood, promotes glowing skin, and stokes a healthy DOSE of your brain’s feel-good chemicals (a rejuvenating, euphoric experience that we call ‘getting high, naturally’).

HigherDOSE’s Sauna Blanket is the original at-home infrared device, beloved by celebrities and health experts around the world. They have spent years perfecting the technology, so that you don’t have to visit a wellness spa to soak up the benefits of infrared. This portable device is perfect for living room sweat sessions or on-the-go wellness.

Stay high, on your own time. YESSSSSS!!! I am using this 3-5 days a week!

Our Fashion Fixx Moment:

Shout out to Tina Frantz Designs and her Armhole Annalis Tote!

We cannot get enough of this bag!  Use our promo code PULSE to save 20% Off your order!

We talk about our 3 day lock down Summit to focus on our business and our goals! Find out what this is and how we are planning to take things up a notch in 2022.

I am on my Soapbox again talking about what I am laying to rest!!!

We give you the Entertainment Scoop, discussing The New Sex and The City, “And Just Like That…” on HBO Max.

What once was hip, is now all about hip replacement surgery….

Israel Farrer gets his own Segment: Izzy’s Corner

Shout out to Joshua Gabriel Blevins at Lowrider Tattoo Studio who gave Izzy his cool new knuckle tattoos..  Find out more about this project!!!

Joshua Blevins
Lowrider Tattoo Studios
16014 Harbor Blvd, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Big news!!!

We are now ALSO on channel 10 news on Saturdays at 10:30am starting the 29th of January!!!
We debuted at 2:30 PM on Saturday January 1st to kick off the New Year!!

You can now Spend Thursday-Sat with us….We are on Yurview and Cox on Thursdays at 4pm…

Channels are:

Yurview Channel 4, in San Diego, Santa Barbara, Channel 118 in Orange County and Palos Verdes, and Channel 27 in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and Yuma.

If you have a story or need exposure for your brand..hit us up! @thepulsesd

We will be featuring MY Top 5 products segment monthly so let us know if there is a product you would like to have featured?

We are currently looking for sponsors!

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