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Episode 80

15 Mar 2022

written by Cindy Matalucci

Episode 80

This episode of the Pulse was brought to you by Windus Fernandez- Brinkkord from Trilogy Financial Services. For all your financial needs, Windus and her team have got you covered!

On Todays Episode: We start our show in studio with Shana Shaterian Penny, CEO of Soledad House to talk about her residential treatment program she oversees right here in San Diego.

We end our show with an awesome fitness segment by Harris Chrysostomou our fitness expert with some amazing tips on how to get fit for summer..

Soledad House:

Soledad House is San Diego’s premier recovery center for women. They offer highly effective treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction in a healing environment. Through an emphasis on relapse prevention, faith-based rehab programs, and a range of addiction treatment therapies, they help their guests take their lives back from substance use.

Shana has 9 homes with 70 beds available!

We dive into several things you can do to help your loved ones!!  We also talk about the signs to look out for to see if your loved ones need help!

Some of these signs include:

a. Neglecting responsibilities at work, school or with family

b. Influence from a significant other

C. Spending more time with friends who are drinking or using

d. Engaging in secretive or suspicious behaviors

e. Isolating at home or in their room

f. Do these women display amplified signs of anxiety or depression

g. Have they suddenly lost their sense of purpose or achievement

h. Changes in personality, attitude, or if you see sudden mood swings or irritability

i . Are there changes in their psychical appearance,  sleep patterns, or moods

j. Financial or Legal troubles


While we customize treatment to each participant’s needs, we offer the following comprehensive women’s addiction treatment programs:

12-step program – A time-tested approach to treatment that helps women in recovery build community and avoid relapse

Sober living program – Recovery housing offers participants a drug-and-alcohol-free place to live while transitioning back to everyday life

Inpatient rehab program – Feel supported with peers and medical professionals on duty 24/7 with an inpatient treatment program

Residential treatment program – The most intensive level of care offered where guests will receive around-the-clock care

Intensive outpatient program – Support as well as evidence-based therapies for the journey to recovery

Extended care – This residential program is ideal for those who struggle with more severe addictions

Relapse prevention – We help our participants identify their triggers for relapse and plan for future challenges

Aftercare program – Our alumni can stay connected to a supportive community

Partial hospitalization program – This outpatient option is a step down from inpatient care

Additionally, we offer a Christian rehab program, spirituality addiction recovery, and life skills training.

Call Today! (866)314-3222



Harris Chrysostomou our fitness expert is back with some amazing tips on how to get fit for summer..


Harris is known for his body sculpting techniques and has been in the fitness industry for over 13 years!

He is London born but moved to San Diego over 7 years ago.

He aims to train educate & inspire you to live a healthy and fabulous life!

We break down 3 moves you can do at home to get sculpted in time for summer!

He announced his: sizzling, summer sculpting package at a discounted rate for our viewers!

A 12 week package just in time for summer which includes a person specific program:

3 sessions a week with Harris as well as a personalized shopping trip and an in depth weekly evaluation of nutrition intake, sleeping habits, lifestyle and possible stressors to ensure we address every aspect.

All for $1499.00

Cindy’s Outfits:
First Look in intros, wearing an outfit from Chateau Belage styled by Sandra Veum from Mariposa Style.

Outfit in Soledad House Segment, dress by Jennafer Grace, Custom Necklace by Adrian Amiro Shalottlilly

Dress Jennafer Grace

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