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Batch 22

15 Aug 2022

written by Cindy Matalucci

Batch 22 Launch Party at Starlite

The Pulse takes you inside the launch party for Batch 22 at Starlite in San Diego.

The evening featured hosted Batch 22 cocktails, a chance to mix and mingle with the founders, and elevated bites on the patio. They also had a fun photo booth for guests!

Batch 22, a smooth, complex and magical grain-based spirit, is excited to announce the launch of their Classic Gold, an American aquavit. With a blend of citrus, spices, and botanicals, Batch 22’s flavor profile is unlike any other spirit on the market. Batch 22 is an American spin on a traditional old world Scandinavian recipe for aquavit. At 80 proof, with central notes of toasted caraway and dill, each bottle is crafted to be both a mellow sipper and a great mixer.

Batch 22’s unique flavors and aromas can be enjoyed neat, on ice, or mixed to create exciting new cocktails or elevate the classics, like the Negroni, Bloody Mary and Mule.

For years, Matthew Arkin, Co-Founder & CEO, found himself reminiscing about a spirit he had tried in Eastern Europe in the late 1970s. In the decades that followed, Matthew searched liquor stores and tasted all kinds of spirits, but never found anything that replicated the elixir he remembered. During the pandemic shutdown, Matthew spent hours in his Los Angeles kitchen, trying to create a recipe that would approximate the drink he recalled loving so much. Soon, his apartment was strewn with mason jars, citrus graters, spice grinders, baskets of lemons, and bunches of herbs. He eventually perfected the Batch 22 recipe with his two best friends, Bruce Glassman and Marc Marosi.

Marc and Bruce brought their expertise and passion to the project and helped to develop the final prototype batch, which was, in fact, the 22nd recipe. That’s how the name Batch 22 was born.

Marc, Matthew, and Bruce



Check them out we are big fans!!!!

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