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Timmithea and Sunnen Law

09 Jun 2023

written by Cindy Matalucci


We were so excited to welcome Timmithea Leeds to the live show.

Timmithea is designing 3 zero waste original designs for Passion 4 Fashion & Purpose on May 19th.

One of Timmithea’s Designs on her model

Timmithea was joined by Michelle Klammer Schrantz from Omania Beauty and Micaela Bellopede founder of the Miraclecatcher Foundation and Director/creator for the Passion for Fashion and Purpose Fashion Show.

They spoke to our viewers about an event they were having on May 19th Fashion 4 Passion & Purpose and how to get your tix!

Eco-friendly fashion in San Diego show hosted by the Miraclecatcher Foundation, benefiting schools in developing nations! 💃💃💃❤️

Tix and info available here:

Michelle from Omiana Beauty is doing the make up on Timmithea’s models with her clean, non toxic make up! Omiana Beauty is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly values and we stand behind them!!!

The Mission of the Miraclecatcher Foundation:

Micaela started building schools when she went to the Good Hope School in Kabale Uganda. In 2009, she created The Miraclecatcher Foundation, a non-profit organization, which has supported and empowered children in 22 countries and given over 100K in funding.

Money raised from ticket sales, sponsorships, auctioned items and crowdfunding will go directly to the schools and programs in 7 countries.

Fun flirty Feminine! Eco-Fashionable designs!

About Timmithea in her words:

I create vintage style, classic dresses with a modern twist for everyday wear. I also use couture methods to elevate some looks whenever I can. As a small designer, I believe it is important to take care of our environment and not contribute to global warming which the garment industry is a large contributor.

You can buy any of Timmithea’s gowns here

What is a zero waste design?

There are two main zero-waste design approaches. The first uses a flat pattern-cutting technique to realize a design and achieve maximum fabric usage. The other is to use pattern techniques to explore how the fabric can be worked around the body without a fixed outcome in mind.


We then welcomed back, Christopher J. Sunnen, CFLS
 Owner & Attorney, Sunnen Law (our family law specialist and sponsor!)

Sunnen Law Specializes in Complicated Family Law Litigation, Divorce, Mediation, Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, and all other family law matters.

Topic The Prenup and Postnuptial agreements:


Under California law, absent a prenuptial agreement, upon marriage, all items become community property, including assets and debts. While certain exceptions apply to separate property items, such as inheritances, these areas can become further muddied by how such property is handled during the marriage.

Chris gives our viewers tips on when they need one and how to do a consult with him at no charge to see how he can help!

Sunnen Law – San Diego Divorce and Family Law Firm
2550 5th Avenue, Suite 515
San Diego, CA 92103
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 08:30am – 05:00pm

About Christopher:

Over the last fifteen years, Mr. Sunnen has worked to protect his client’s rights both in and out of the courtroom and provides solutions to many challenging cases at a high level of professionalism. He specializes in both Family Law/Divorce and Bankruptcy Law. Mr. Sunnen is a member of the California State Bar and has been in private practice for over fifteen years, focusing on litigation in family court, federal court, tax court, bankruptcy court, and before various administrative agencies. Prior to his time in private practice, Mr. Sunnen was a clerk for Federal Magistrate David Noce in the Eighth Circuit. Mr. Sunnen graduated from law school at Washington University in St. Louis, where he was awarded “Best Brief” in Moot Court and was a three-year member of the Dean’s List, recognizing academic excellence.

Prior to his career as an attorney, Mr. Sunnen attended Washington University in St. Louis, where he graduated with a double major in Political Science and History and wrote an honors thesis. As a former Park Ranger, Mr. Sunnen has been, and is active in both the private and public sectors of the outdoor industry and has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to promote sustainable public lands appreciation, education and protection.

Mr. Sunnen is also the former head of a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that he founded and operated for a three-year period; and currently serves on the board of directors of another 501(c)(3) organization.

Mr. Sunnen is active in the local legal community, mentors’ young lawyers, and aspiring lawyers. When not at the office, Mr. Sunnen can be found traveling, climbing mountains, or generally, adventuring anywhere outside. In each case, he brings real world experience to bear to resolve and de-escalate high conflict matters for the benefit of the firm’s clients.

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