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Trilogy Financial & Sunnen Law

29 Jun 2023

written by Cindy Matalucci

FRIDAY JUNE 16th: 11:00 AM

We welcomed Windus Fernandez-Brinkkord from Trilogy Financial Services, and Christopher Sunnen, from Sunnen Law!

Dress by Timmithea

We are talking with Windus about:

Four Key Tips for Mapping Out a Retirement Game Plan

Retirement confidence among both workers and retirees is dropping due to a lack of savings and high inflation, new research finds. If you’re approaching retirement or just want to have a game plan on what you can do now, there are some key decisions to make that will affect how well you live.

She also dives into medicare strategies and things you can do now for investing!

Windus does a free consult for our clients and you can contact her here:


We then talk to our Family Law Attorney, Christopher Sunnen, about a HOT TOPIC:

On Line Stalking and Monitoring!

Did you know people/couples are placing apple airtags in kids backpacks, car seats and when the go to the other parents home they can track everything they are doing? There are some new trends that Christopher spoke to us about and how you can protect yourself and your family!  HINT HINT Check that LOCATION SERVICES ON YOUR PHONE PEOPLE!


Chris does a free consult for our clients and you can contact them here:


If you have questions for Windus or Christopher, Let us know! 

Dress By Timmithea

Cindy’s dress provided by Timmithea: Shop here.

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