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Episode 103

23 Oct 2023

written by Cindy Matalucci

Episode 103 La Peony

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On Todays Episode:

The world is becoming more eco-conscious, especially with apparel.

Sustainable fashion has been slowly building over the past decade, and now it looks set to explode. This means a lot of changes in the industry, from packaging to consumer spending.

Sustainable fashion is a way in which brands create clothing that not only reduces the impact on the environment but is also mindful of the people who work to produce the garments.

Put simply, it is fashion that is ethically made and environmentally friendly.

On todays episode, we introduce you to Melony Huber & The La Peony Collection.

She has created the perfect partnership between a luxury lifestyle brand that is dedicated to doing social good through collaboration.

We talk to her about the Fair-Trade Ethical Fashion Movement and how she is making a difference in the global movement to empower women artisans to provide for their families.


We also talk to her about the future of her brand!

We were joined by two gorgeous models, Timmithea and Adonia, who showcased several looks from Melony’s collections.

La Peony is A Sustainable Fashion Brand!

Design director and founder Melony Huber’s earliest visions of La Peony Clothing were born the day she was approached with an opportunity to reshape a Mexico-based handbag line. An aesthetic design expert in search of a fresh project, she pledged for La Peony to be a force for global good.

Melony began her initial La Peony collection with an exploration of Mexico’s rich artisan culture. When she discovered the Unión de Artesanos de Santo Tomás Jalieza – nestled among a population of 10,000 in the Santo Tomás community – she knew she had found something truly special.

Since the 1960s, this vibrant social cooperative has preserved a legacy of handwoven art. Today, more than 50 artisans labor side by side to transform 100% cotton thread into beautiful textiles, just as they have done for centuries.


Each year, cooperative leadership is passed on to a new generation, ensuring its ethos is protected, while all work and opportunities for income are divided equally.

Skilled artisanship serves as the area’s primary means of economic opportunity, and cooperatives like the Unión de Artesanos de Santo Tomás Jalieza provide vital structure for financial stability.

When you adorn yourself with La Peony, you join in a partnership with this fair-trade network of skilled Mexican craftswomen. Every purchase helps to preserve their handmade textile traditions while supporting a livable wage for cooperative members.

Together, we are part of a global movement empowering women artisans to provide for their families. We honor the longstanding heritage of Oaxacan traditional ceremonial textile weaving, and we support the preservation of a centuries-old way of life.


Melony shows our viewers the first collection and talks about the inspiration for this.

She then leads us into her new fall capsule collection and how you can preorder this.


Prepare to fall in love with the La Peony Fall 2023 Capsule Collection. We did!

Featuring an all-new Fiordland Organic Denim fabric made from ultra-soft Italian cultivated cotton.

A curated selection of six seasonal essentials includes three lightweight layering pieces, a distinctive denim skirt, and a floral embellished bootcut jean style to establish a variety of timeless runway-ready looks.

Our favorite is the Teresa Lambskin jacket and the Alexandra denim trench!

USE OUR PROMO CODE PULSESD to save 25% off your order!

You can preorder the Fall Capsule Collection now for early November arrival and shipments.

About Melony Huber:


Melony Huber is the Founder and design director of La Peony, an ethical women’s luxury clothing collection crafted to move with you through every stage of life. With the practiced eye of an expert interior designer, Huber brings to life beautiful, versatile fashion that cultivates the blossoming beauty in every wearer. She is a talented creative artist, deeply passionate about supporting global artisans and contributing to a more fair-trade marketplace. The vision for La Peony is established on relationships she forged with a community of Mexican textile craftswomen seeking to support their families through artistic enterprise.

Huber earned her BS in Biology from Georgia State University before entering the field of construction contracting. When her three children were born, she left behind the workforce to fill the role of full-time mother, during which time she discovered a natural eye for intuitive design. For three decades, she gained valuable experience crafting a bold aesthetic for a variety of interior scapes, relishing the opportunity to explore her creative gifting with timeless functionality that enhanced everyday life. Then, in 2021, a close friend approached her with an opportunity to develop a line of handcrafted luxury Mexican handbags, and the concept for La Peony was born.

Now, Huber brings the same skill and commitment from a lifetime of aesthetic design to the exclusive La Peony collection. From imagination to inspired ensemble, Huber shines in a role where she can express the creative talent that has always brought her joy – particularly when each piece nurtures the everyday expression of the uniquely beautiful spirit within. Having mastered thoughtful design through decades of artistic experience (not to mention the ability to coordinate teams through the successful management of a busy household), Huber dives wholeheartedly into the world of entrepreneurship, eager to begin a fresh chapter.

When she isn’t sourcing fabrics or designing the next “it” piece, Huber enjoys golfing, painting, or traveling with Hector (the love of her life) and their three animals: Milo the Chocolate Labradoodle, Rayne the Mini Goldendoodle, and Scarlett the Orange Tabby. She currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Learn more at Follow @la_peony_clothing on Instagram for a wealth of lifestyle and wardrobe inspiration.

Get Cindy and the Model’s looks:

On Adonia, the Chelsea Stretch Dress in Terry White,

On Cindy The Caroline Jumpsuit in Fuchsia,

On Timmithea the Carly Hooded Jumpsuit in Poseidon.

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