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Ripple Textile Recycling

02 Oct 2013

written by Cindy Matalucci

About Ripple Textile Recycling

What types of items can you recycle?

Benita Webber Founder of Ripple Textile Recycling shares her story and talks about how easy it is to have a Ripple Textile Fundraiser. Find out how this local company is different than other fundraisers.

Is your school, youth group, nonprofit, 5K walk, club or team looking for an easy fundraiser that is no cost? And there is nothing to sell and nothing to buy?

Are you tired of selling foods that are full of calories?

Have you sold and bought enough wrapping paper to last you a lifetime? Are you exhausted with organizing the details of the same old fundraiser?
A Ripple Textile Recycling fundraiser can solve those problems and your organization earns money for every pound of unwanted textiles collected at your fundraiser!

Think how happy family, friends and neighbors will be when you tell them they don’t have to buy anything or sell anything!

If 500 bags are donated and the average weight per bag is 20 lbs. That will equal 10,000 pounds! And that’s just the beginning! And remember, your organization gets paid for every pound collected!

And guess what you will ask them to do?
Clean out their closets, dressers, garages, wherever there are unwanted clothes and other household textiles and donate them to your fundraiser.

That’s right! For this fundraiser people will donate their unwanted clothes and other household textiles.
And who doesn’t have a bag or two sitting around waiting to be donated?

All those items that everyone thinks are of no value; they can be donated to your fundraiser.

Yep, that shirt that is ripped or torn, can be recycled. The tablecloth that has a fatal stain, can also be recycled.
Pillows no longer have to be thrown away because they too can be recycled!
A pair of shoes and only one shoe! Good belts or a broken belts! Sewing scraps!
We take the good, the bad and the ugly! All the items you normally donate to a thrift store, the damaged and the way out of style pieces! No textile should ever go in the landfill and all textiles will benefit your fundraiser.

An added benefit for this fundraiser is it allows everyone to participate regardless of their financial situation or food allergies!

Most people don’t know their options for recycling clothes, besides dropping them off occasionally at a traditional thrift store.

The wearable and usable items will be sold as wearable and usable items, everything else will be converted into new products, saving natural resources and raw materials and landfills! Do you know that 6% of our landfills are discarded textiles? Only 15% of textiles are reused, resold, repurposed or converted into new products in the United States.

And remember the Easy part? Ripple Textile Recycling makes this the easiest fundraiser ever by providing your organization with the necessary tools to implement this fundraiser, effortlessly!

Go to our website or Facebook page to sign up to receive information on how a Ripple Textile Recycling campaign benefits your fundraising goals!

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