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16 Mar 2015

written by Cindy Matalucci

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“From Distress to Success” is the remarkable story of Deanna Potter and her 44 month fight for survival. She shares her journey and the 3 Key Choices that you must make to move swiftly from a place of despair to a place of determination and achievement. No matter whether your struggling professionally or personally, your these are key strategies will ensure high performance each and everyday. Regardless of what has you “stuck” Deanna will show you how to breakthrough and achieve great success toward your most challenging goals.

Deanna Potter is a Business and Profit Planning Expert, Speaker, and Coach
Helping professionals to SYSTEMATIZE, PRIORITIZE, and PROFITIZE their business!
Deanna delivers principles designed to ensure the long term sustainability and profitability of your business. Structured systems that consistently deliver profits to the bottom line
Methods to double your cash flow by leveraging the clients you already know and love
Breakthrough planning to boost referrals and close more leads now!
Principles to accelerate your earnings in 90 days or less
Formulas that eliminate uncertainty and rev up your self esteem so you close the deal every time

As a woman business owner for the last 15 years, Deanna has delivered stellar sales results over the course of three downward markets.
Over the top successes include: Rookie of the Year for Coldwell Banker, 3-time Top Performer of the Year recipient with Hartford Insurance Group, and Executive Manager supervising more than 100 self employed entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Deanna uses this background to challenge business owners to maximize their potential through systems that focus on bottom line profits.
Past clients have doubled their referral leads in less than 90 days.
Business owners implemented Deanna’s systems which increased revenue and cut expenses by more than 50%
Entrepreneurs continue to find renewed focus which increases their profits

As a presenter, Deanna offers a “down and dirty”, real life approach to business – lined with humor and energy! She delivers each principle with passion and power; connecting one on one with each audience member. Deanna’s honest approach provides others with clear “how to’s” and an outline for a passionate, profitable plan for their business.

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