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Agnes Bethel & Geri Westphal

01 Oct 2018

written by Cindy Matalucci

Friday September 21st

The Pulse Welcomed Leslie & Justice Bessent from Agnes Bethel Shoes & Geri Westphal author of Beautiful Lady

Live Show Replay

We speak with the lovely creative couple, Leslie and Justice Bessent about how they came up with the inspiration behind the shoes and how they balance it all as husband and wife, and passionate entrepreneurs!

Agnes Bethel:

Agnes Bethel is a tribute to the core essence of whom my mother is and my dedication to her sacrifices to put her family first.

As a little girl growing up on the small island of Petite Martinique, Grenada, Agnes Bethel had a passion for making clothes. First only designing and sewing fashions for her dolls and close family, overtime friends and locals eventually took notice and almost all of Petite Martinique began to seek out Agnes Bethel to make garments for them as well. The shapes, colors and charms of her artistic and imaginative domain held a tight grip on young Agnes that she became determined to one day make her dreams a reality.

At age 22, Agnes left Grenada for the United States to pursue a fashion career with the hopes of owning her own fashion house. Life had other plans and her passions of becoming a fashion designer quickly shifted and her desire and focus became her family. From time to time Agnes Bethel continued to design and create on a smaller scale never really getting an opportunity to showcase her talent to the world.

Today she is still in love with fashion and continues to be inspired by nature and the human body. Agnes Bethel believes that fashion can be anything and does not have a specific blueprint, guideline or backstory. Fashion for her is a way of life and as long as you are living it to the fullest with class, grace, and style and seeing the beauty in the things around you, you are living in fashion.

The Label:
Branded as the “Rebels of Luxury Footwear”, Agnes Bethel combines a rebellious spirit with unconventionally sophisticated silhouettes. Our focus is bringing back creativity, individuality and freedom of expression through the art of style. Our designs are raw, authentic and rebellious. Luxury is no longer about a price tag but more of an experience.Through distinctive branding in limiting our design offering to smaller quantities we are able to enhance our customers buying experience by giving them a sense of exclusivity one design at a time. When we sell out of one style rarely will that particular style or color be restocked unless it is an Agnes Bethel staple shoe.

All of our shoes are meticulously made in Italy by skilled artisans using only premium materials. Our #1 goal is craftsmanship, proper fit and functionality.
Order questions
Call us: (844) 781-8900


Photo by: 18th Floor Photography (

We had the opportunity to talk with Geri about the inspiration for her amazing book, Beautiful Lady, and how she really is not only a cancer warrior, but a warrior in real life, who is inspiring people everywhere to be strong and tell their story!

Geri Westphal:

Geri Westphal was born and raised in Wisconsin and moved to Colorado in 1984 where she currently resides.

She spent her career in a variety of executive business roles and has traveled extensively. In 2015 she heard the words every person dreads, “you have cancer.”

With honesty and humor, she shares her story to inspire others who are also battling cancer’s grip. “We are intensely aware of the things that cancer takes from us, but we do not often acknowledge the gifts it leaves behind, the rebirth and reawakening to what is most important in our lives.”

 This inspirational guide will touch your heart as you journey with Geri through her own personal cancer storm. You will laugh, cry and cheer her on as she fights her way through to a place of greater strength and inner peace. A must read for everyone who is or has struggled with cancer.

A cancer diagnosis makes you feel alone and abandoned.

It is the love and support of loved ones that brings the stable footing a cancer patient desperately needs during this dark storm. We are intensely aware of the things that cancer takes from us, but we do not often acknowledge the hidden gifts it leaves behind. We hear of the bad, the sad and the painful, but we do not hear enough about the rebirth, the readjustment and the reawakening.

Contact Geri for speaking engagements or to buy her book:

Geri Westphal
Phone: +1 720 480 9267

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