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Striking Statements & Tamara Ross

28 May 2019

written by Cindy Matalucci

Live Friday May 24th with 2 fabulous guests!

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First up, the Pulse welcomed Keasha Lee Ince from Striking Statements

We spoke to Keasha about her passion for writing and developing content for her clients that sends the right message and is the most impactful.

We also learn about the programs Keasha offers, from Enhance your message strategy sessions, 90 Day Enhance your message programs, and an email marketing campaign workshop which she holds regularly!

She has you covered when it comes to tailoring the right message and directing sales with your content!

About Keasha in her words:

I’m a Copywriter, Messaging Mentor, and Founder of Striking Statements. I specialize in helping brilliant entrepreneurs and businesses accurately convey their mission and passion through content that exudes truth, clarity, and connection.

Content that’s unclear stifles your impact and blocks your prosperity. My mission is to help you find words that match your mission so that you can show up confidently to make a bigger impact and attract more of your ideal audiences.

I’m known for my curly afro, charisma, warmth, and speaking the truth about what it takes to stand out, and live on purpose. I help my clients embrace what makes them unique so they can show up as they and have a greater awareness of the impact that their messaging has on their credibility.


I offer a hybrid of coaching and copywriting services. This powerful combination sets my clients up for growth + clarity and an end product that they actually walk away with.


We also had a special Guest all the way from Denver, Colorado, Tamara Ross From My Life My Design.

Tamara is talking to us about her awesome event happening May 31st-June 2nd here in San Diego and how to get your tickets!

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She also talks about how to use energy in your business to manifest the Life you want to lead!

From Tamara:

Look, I’m gonna be honest with you,

I don’t like working with people’s problems. You know all the business marketing courses out there tell you to talk to people’s pain-points and problems, well the truth is I’m not that interested in working through things you already have the answers to. And if you look closely, most of your “problems”, you already know what to do with.

​My job is to help you envision, create and life beyond anything you could ever imagine!

I mean look your life it’s pretty great, isn’t it? You don’t wake up everyday crying in your Wheaties do you? And don’t other people tell you all the time how awesome you have it?

You may be asking me, then why am I even talking to you? Because I want YOU to take a moment to be honest with yourself.

Look deep down and tell me if you feel like something’s missing… Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know there’s more for you, You know you could have it better and right now you may even feel a little bit like you’re settling.

The Next Evolution of You isn’t the “SOMETHING’S WRONG WITH” you Seminar, or the FIX YOUR F*!kED UP LIFE program… This is about the next evolution of you. It’s about stepping into the next evolution of your greatness.

This is the Only place where you’ll be guided to want MORE, dream BIGGER, and you’ll Dare to DESIGN a life filled with EVERYTHING you desire free of any and all limitation… You’ll even be given the TRIBE and TOOLs to support you in getting there.

It’s time! Let me help you to live your life beyond anything you could ever imagine.

With Gratitude,

Event Details:

Your Next EVOLUTION: Create, Manifest and Actualize your LIFE!

Location: San Diego, California, Hotel: Hotel Republic

Dates: May 31 – June 2nd

Arrival: Check-in begins Friday the May 31st at 8am program begins at 9:30am

Timings: Each day will be from approximately 9:30am-5pm with a 1.5hr break for lunch.


Cindy’s Look was provided by Jonathan Simkhai, leopard jumpsuit. Necklace By Kendra Scott in Fashion Valley Mall.

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