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Tidy Closet & Clean Beauty

01 Jul 2019

written by Cindy Matalucci

Live Friday June 28th


We welcomed Janine Morales from Tidy Closet!

Janine Morales is an Organizational Coach trained in the KonMari Method™.

She teaches clients how to live a joyful life through the art of organization.

Use our special Promo code The Pulse when you book to get a 3 Hour KonMari Closet organization session at a discounted rate of $125.00 (normally $175.00)

Janine showed us the KonMari art of folding your clothes as well as gave us tips on how to clean up your junk drawers. Thank you Janine!

Some of the services she offers:

KonMari Method™: Learn to love your home again with the process of organizing by category. The KonMari Method™ philosophy is to only keep what sparks joy. With a clear vision in mind you will train your brain to choose happiness in your home and life.

Organizational coaching: Learn how to efficiently organize any problem areas of the home and become more practical in tidying on a daily basis.

Unpack Service: Moving? Let me help you unpack and store your belongings in a practical way that makes sense for every day life.

Speaking engagements/ Workshops: Want to make your event a one of a kind? Learn about the life changing magic of a tidy home and get hands on training on practical home organization methods.

The Pulse then spoke with Nicole Godbout Clean Beauty Consultant:

Nicole is a hairstylist and Clean Beauty advocate in Solana Beach CA.

Her passion includes educating on reducing the toxic burden in personal care products and helping women find confidence in their hair again.

She works with a naturally based, anti-aging haircare line clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging, repair damage, promote growth and restore your hair to its most healthy state.

Nicole showed us how the Monat beauty product works and several before and after photos from her clients. It is about a 90 day transition from your current hair care products but you will start to see results in about 90 days of use!

Mention the Pulse for a complimentary gift with your purchase!

Nicole has everything you need to take care of your hair, from shampoos, conditioners, to rejuvenating oils, and styling products. They even have a pet care line!

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