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Trilogy Financial

21 Jan 2020

written by Cindy Matalucci

The Pulse Welcomed Windus Fernandez Brinkkord from Trilogy Financial Services.

Windus was Cindy’s co host and guest for this episode! They spoke about how Trilogy is very different from other Financial Firms. Their motto is “Progress Not Perfection” and we could not agree more.

Windus spoke about some trends in the Financial industry, including, educating our viewers on The Security Act and the changes that occurred in 2020 with this act.

Windus is a wealth of knowledge and also shared with our viewers some of her personal struggles, and how she kept focused on her financial goals and how we can stay on track when life’s obstacles get in our way.

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About Windus:

Windus is committed in helping her clients attain the wealth they need to reach their desired goals. She provides people the guidance they need to stay focused and the support required to persevere when they are least likely to do so, knowing that this will help her clients succeed.

Windus is a third generation Californian and a second generation San Diegan. She was raised in the community of Ocean Beach, which attributed to her love of the water. Today she still loves to surf and enjoys snorkeling and hiking. She is a supporter of the California State Parks System, is a Formula One racing fan and loves to travel to exotic places with her husband, Kurt. They were married in Fiji in 2004, and have since been to Peru to hike Machu Picchu and surf Costa Rica and Belize. Kurt & Windus reside in Solana Beach, California with their two children.

Windus’ husband Kurt is a kidney cancer survivor (diagnosed in 2007). Kurt and Windus feel very strongly in supporting research to find a cure for cancer. Windus walked the “3 Day Breast Cancer” walk in November of 2006 and is a member of Imerman Angels ( Imerman Angels is a non-profit group that works to pair cancer fighters with survivors and the families for support in persevering through their diagnosis.

Following Kurt’s cancer, the couple adopted first their son Bradley in December of 2010, and then his little sister (one year later) Eloise in December of 2011. They are amazing children that bring nothing but joy to Kurt & Windus. Bradley was just 3 weeks old when they adopted him and Eloise was 8 weeks old when they adopted her. The children are just 11 months apart!

Windus is a member of Connected Women of Influence, Hera Hub, and Corporate Alliance. Windus is currently an advisory board member for Wounded Warrior Homes. Wounded Warrior Homes strives to provide transitional housing for soldiers that have been affected by Traumatic Brain Injuries (

Windus Fernandez Brinkkord, AIF®
Managing Vice President
12520 High Bluff Drive | Suite 140 | San Diego | CA | 92130
P: (858) 314-5169 | F: (858) 314-1092 | W:

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