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Sunnen Law & And So She Designs

31 Jan 2020

written by Cindy Matalucci

The Pulse welcomed Chris Sunnen from Sunnen Law and Michele Weiss from And So She Designs.

Christopher returns to the show as our legal expert who is a Divorce and Family Law Attorney specializing in Bankruptcy, Complicated family law litigation, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Restraining orders and more!

He provided tips to our viewers and took a question for a viewer live!

Topic: New Year New You:
Chris shows us how to solve all of our relationship problems and go into the new decade strong.

We discussed the two ways to resolve problems under the Family Code with:

a) marriage through dissolution (divorce) (short term v. long term considerations; child custody considerations)

b) child custody and sharing through a paternity action;

c) in extreme cases verbal, emotional and physical abuse through a Domestic Violence Restraining Order.

According to the center for Disease control, one in 4 women (25%), and one in 7 men (14%) have been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.  These statistics are staggering.  

Chris also educated us that while California does not have “common law” marriage, rights exist for unmarried co-habitants under the civil code as a Marvin action (palimony) and reminded us that the law changed in 2019 noting that in California there are now pet custody orders one can obtain in items a-c above under FC 2605 as pets are considered people’s children now!

Chris can help people resolve their issues without going to court and spending time, money, and stress!

Contact Chris and mention the Pulse for a free consult!
2121 Fifth Avenue, Suite 205, San Diego, CA 92101
Bankers Hill

Michele is the founder of And So She designs, which creates luxury faux floral decor for your home, business or social event.

Her effortlessly chic arrangements offer sophisticated, modern and enduring elegance to any space.

We were in awe of the selection she brought on set and loved being educated on how these blooms last 3-5 years!

Michele is focusing on custom work in her business in which she does custom residential, business and commercial work.

This includes anything from large orchid and succulent designs to sourcing really high quality plants and trees. She even partners with someone to do moss/succulent walls.

She can come to your home or business to provide an assessment and estimate and she also works closely with both residential and commercial interior designers and home staging companies.

We unveiled the new “Cindy” arrangement that you can order now!


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Uhm yasss you can now order the Cindy arrangement from and receive 15% off your order with promo code THEPULSE at 🌷💐❤️🙏💪💖 #obsessed

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About Michele:

Michele Weiss has always had a thing for flowers. She remembers watching her Mom lovingly arrange the flowers that her Dad would bring to her each week, which left behind a lasting impression.

Then, after she and her family moved into a new home in 2018, she started to create gorgeous fresh floral arrangements to make the home feel warm and inviting, but had a tough time keeping them alive due to her busy schedule. After unsuccessfully searching to find faux arrangements to replace the real ones, she recognized the opportunity laying in front of her. It was then she decided to leave behind her corporate job to start her own company, and-so-SHE designs, a luxury online retailer which sells pre-made and custom faux floral, orchid, and succulent arrangements for homes and businesses.

Michele’s goal is to shift the way people think about faux flowers by only creating arrangements that are stunningly realistic. Gone are the days of fake and frilly faux flowers most folks remember in their grandmother’s spare bedroom. Through and-so-SHE designs, the new faux floral arrangements now include an elegant peony display on the coffee table at their friend’s house which forces one to ask, “Wait, are you serious? That’s not real?”

Fun Fact: As for business name, Michele struggled to come up with something catchy that had to do with flowers or floral. She thought about her story and every sentence started with “and so she.” And so she quit her job, and so she decided to create the life she truly wanted, and so she lived happily ever after… Michele’s husband, Kevin, finally asked, “Why don’t you just call it ANDSOSHE?” And so it came to be… A place for simple and elegant flowers, female empowerment and support, and most importantly, happiness.

USE PROMO CODE: THEPULSE & viewers can get 15% off their first order!

Michele’s photos taken by: Meg Marie Photography

Best way to reach out to Michele and order:
619-200-1913 or

Cindy’s dress is Badgley Mishka and custom necklace by Miluk collections.

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Outfit deets and guest deets for live show today thank you @milukcollections for my custom necklace ❤️🙏💖 @badgleymischka dress

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