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Headlines and Cerē

09 Feb 2023

written by Cindy Matalucci

New Live Season!

Special Co-host Aaron Low!

We talk New Year, New Goals, Fitness inspiration, and the Thruple, HOT TOPICS!!!

We give you ideas for Valentine’s Day!

We Love Cerē!

The first-ever pleasure products developed by doctors & sold at doctors offices! Cerē’s team has a combined 30 years experience in international sexual health.

Luxury pleasure products we are talking the the black card of vibrators!

Cerē’s physicians are doing groundbreaking research about the clitoris, in order to demystify sex toys and clitoral physiology.

Take that Love life up a notch!!!!

Cerē’s blog, written by its physicians, educates readers about their anatomy, how to achieve pleasure, and the research behind Cerē’s innovative products:

Valentine’s Day Bundles:

Valentine Cerēmony $148 (Normally $164)
Pink Lalalena + Enchantment Gel + limited edition Cerē tote bag

Valentine VAGILANGELO $232 (Normally $258)
Reverie Duo + Reverie Advanced + Wand + Enchantment Gel + limited edition Cerē tote bag

Valentine Ritual $148 (Normally $164)
Spellbound Stimulator + Enchantment Gel + limited edition Cerē tote bag

Use our promo code PULSE10 to save 10% off your order! SHOP HERE:

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