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29 Apr 2023

written by Cindy Matalucci

Episode 96 LIVE

Live Friday the 14th:

Sponsored by Pop Up Picnic Co.

Pop Up Picnic Co:


The Perfect day in San Diego:




Lauren Kimmons, owner of Pop Up Picnic Co, joined us live to tell viewers what they can expect and how to get their tix.

Be sure to use our promo code THE PULSE to save 20% off your tickets!

We then welcomed Dr. Ian Smith to the studio with some amazing meals from his new book the Met Flex Diet!

 Dr. Ian K. Smith 

Dr. Ian Smith is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling books SHRED: THE REVOLUTIONARY DIET, SUPER SHRED: The Big Results Diet, BLAST THE SUGAR OUT, The Clean 20, THE ANCIENT NINE, CLEAN & LEAN, FAST BURN along with sixteen other books with millions of copies in print. His newest book, THE MET FLEX DIET, will be released in April of 2023.

Dr. Smith’s detective novels, the Ashe Cayne series, include The Unspoken and Wolf Point, and have been picked up for an upcoming television series. The third installment of the series is The Overnights and will be published in May of 2023.

He served as the solo host of the nationally syndicated Emmy award-winning television show THE DOCTORS and is a longtime medical contributor to The Rachael Ray Show. His podcast, Conversations with Dr. Ian Smith, is popular and informative.

THE Met Flex Diet:
It is a powerful six-week plan to burn fat more efficiently by improving metabolic flexibility.

The human body has the amazing ability to switch which fuels it uses for energy based on what fuel is available at the time—researchers call this metabolic flexibility. Bodies that are able to make this switch can burn sugars, proteins, and other food nutrients when available, and then switch to burning the body’s fat storage or fatty acids when food calories are not available. It turns out that losing weight is not just about burning calories, it’s also about switching between these pathways as efficiently as possible. Yet little has been written about how to achieve metabolic flexibility—until now.

Dr. Ian K. Smith is a renowned medical expert and the author of numerous bestselling health books. In The Met Flex Diet, he offers a one-of-a-kind plan to improve metabolic flexibility through changing the types and quantities of food/beverages consumed, as well as the type of exercise. Timing is also a factor—timing of meals and timing of exercise relative to when the meals are consumed. All of these variables will play an important role in helping the body make the important switch from one fuel source to another.

In just six weeks, readers can experience amazing fat-burning results by following simple guidelines, like:

* Eat the first meal of the day three hours after waking.
* Complete a fasted cardio workout within the first two hours of waking.
* Get at least seven hours of sleep a night.
* Finish dinner two hours before going to sleep.

Complete with meal and exercise plans, as well as recipes, The Met Flex Diet gives readers every tool they need to meet their weight loss goals.

We end the show with Stephanie Coolidge from FACE Foundation:

About FACE:

Established in 2006 by a group of veterinarians and concerned community members, the Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity that provides financial grants for animal owners who are unable to afford the cost of their pet’s emergency or critical care.

The Problem: Economic Euthanasia

Each year, many animals are brought to their veterinarian with life-threatening conditions. Sadly, many owners cannot afford the critical care their beloved pets need to survive. They are left with one choice—euthanasia. Thousands of treatable pets are euthanized in veterinary hospitals annually. According to CPI reports, 12.9% of San Diegans fall below poverty level and 33% of San Diegans do not earn enough to cover basic expenses.

The Solution: The Save A Life Program

FACE’s Save A Life Program was created to address the tragedy of economic euthanasia. What started out as a beautiful vision to stop the surrender and euthanasia of beloved family pets has become a supportive center where families in crisis can get a helping hand to save their pets’ lives. FACE grantees are typically low-income families, senior citizens, veterans, military families, students, disabled individuals, or hard-working families and individuals who struggle to survive paycheck to paycheck. With a tagline of “Saving Pets and Helping Families,” FACE’s work is just as important for the animals we save as it is for the families who are spared the heartbreak of losing their best friend. Check out our Success Stories page to meet some of the animals FACE has saved!

Achieving their Mission:

FACE proudly works with 186 veterinary hospitals throughout San Diego County. Veterinary partners make FACE’s work possible by generously discounting their services for qualified FACE patients by at least 25%, and helping to fundraise whenever possible.

Stephanie told viewers about her event/fundraiser: Bags & Baubles:

12th Annual Bags & Baubles
April 30 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Shop for a Cause at FACE Foundation’s In-Person Bags & Baubles Exclusive Shopping Event

FACE Foundation’s 12th Annual Bags & Baubles Event Features:

Silent auction with hundreds of our very best handbags, accessories, wallets, fine and designer-inspired jewelry, sunglasses, men’s items, art, and more!
~Delicious food and drinks
~Amazing raffle packages and more!

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Please email or call 858-450-3223

USE OUR PROMO CODE SD PULSE to save 20% off Tix! 

Some of our fave bags on set!

Cindy’s dress by Saloni shoes Christian Louboutin

Dress Saloni

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